Mass tourism will not be found in the Franconian Forest Nature Park, and that is good news. Those who develop a feeling for the scenic, cultural and historical subtleties of the region will find great vacation happiness in this gentle forest landscape.

The nature park Frankenwald is a driving destination nature.

Due to the comfortable train journey and the good mobility on site you can enjoy your vacation environmentally friendly.

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52,000 hectares of forest are an announcement, especially since the operators of the Franconian Forest Nature Park insist that their cultural landscape, which has grown for centuries, not only any Forest is. "Magical" they call it and "also a little mysterious". This is not only due to the fact that the habitats of native plants can spread there, arnica, bearwort or various orchid species.

The wildlife in the Franconian Forest also has something romantic and fairytale-like about it: the black stork feels at home here, as do dippers, kingfishers and various species of bats. Above all, however, it is the numerous hiking trails deep into the green forest that make the Franconian Forest Nature Park seem both magical and mysterious. "Listening to silence", "Breathing expanse" and "Understanding the forest" are the central themes of the 242-kilometer long Frankenwaldsteig long-distance circular hiking trail, and this already announces what awaits you in the Frankenwald Nature Park: Well-being. Silence. Few people. Unspoiled nature. And on top of that: down-to-earth Franconian cuisine.

Mobile on site even without a car

An offer you can't refuse: With the EgroNet ticket, you can use all local trains and buses - this is an initiative of the Frankenwald-mobil network, which connects the tourist regions of Frankenwald and Fichtelgebirge to form the largest interconnected bicycle bus network in Bavaria. Incidentally, bicycle transport is free of charge in all ticket variants, even when purchasing the network day ticket "Bus". More info: click here

By the way, you can find tips on how to travel comfortably and inexpensively on long-distance and local trains with Deutsche Bahn here.

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