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Artist Andre Maier creates street art on house walls and facades and does so in a very special setting - the old town of Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This is how you get to Regensburg by train: Plan arrival.


Alleys, gabled houses, half-timbered houses and cobblestones: No other city in Germany has such a well-preserved center as Regensburg in eastern Bavaria. As many as 1,500 listed buildings crowd both banks of the Danube, creating a medieval atmosphere straight out of a storybook. Which artist Andre Maier finds highly stimulating. "Everything here is ancient, crooked and irregular," he enthuses. "That creates atmosphere and energy!".
For Andre, Regensburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That's why he has set out to make it even a little more beautiful. With his specialty Mural Art. Andre specializes in the artistic painting of facades and house walls - completely legally and with a contract in his pocket. He has embellished the "Jugendzentrum Kontrast" with colorful fantasy worlds, he has artistically painted in the "Bar Palletti" and in the entrance area of the cultural and creative center "Degginger". His latest and in every respect outstanding work is the courtyard of the hotel "Münchner Hof". There he has realized the portrait of a woman on a house wall - she is five stories high.

Andre Maier's style is oriented towards classical, academic art. But Art Nouveau elements also play a role. Female figures and faces often take center stage, embedded in decorative elements, and every now and then the majestic face of a Bavarian lion peeps out somewhere. A certain fantasy magic wafts through his work. But anyone walking through Regensburg's old town and letting their gaze glide over the facades of the early Gothic residential buildings with their castellated roofs, bay windows and mullioned windows will see nothing of Maier's wall art. "As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is of course under special protection. I can therefore only work in arcades or courtyards," says the father of two with a wink.

Andre also likes to reveal a few insider tips for his (favorite) city of Regensburg: "The Degginger creative center on Wahlstraße is a great place. And not just because I also designed the menus there, with around 100 illustrations!". The artist also likes the recently opened "House of Bavarian History" museum. "It tells Bavaria's development into a free state, also using exhibits from everyday culture. I think it's important that such things also get a place in the museum."

Cover picture: His adopted home and favorite city Regensburg decorates the artist Andre Maier with much love and traditionally inspired works © by.TM/ Dietmar Denger

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