Bringing all interests under one roof on a family outing? Nowhere does that work as perfectly as at an amusement park. There are more than 200 of these oversized adrenaline playgrounds that promise ultimate fun from toddler to grandma age as well as fantastic journeys into other worlds. We present five exciting fun parks.


The city of 21,000 inhabitants is centrally located in the Lüneburg Heath on the rivers Böhme and Soltau. It is especially known for tourist attractions like the Heide-Park and the Soltau-Therme.


Located on the lower Lower Rhine in the northwest of North Rhine-Westphalia, the town with its medieval townscape has just under 14,000 inhabitants.


The community with a good 3000 inhabitants is located in the Zabergäu in the south of the Heilbronn district a little north of the ridge of the Stromberg. In the immediate vicinity is the hamlet of Treffentrill with the Tripsdrill adventure park.


The municipality, which has a good 20,000 inhabitants, is located east of Neustadt an der Weinstraße and is part of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region southwest of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

Saint Englmar

The community in the Lower Bavarian district of Straubing-Bogen is located in the Danube Forest region in the Bavarian Forest. The state-approved climatic health resort has just under 1900 inhabitants.


Heide Park, Soltau: 5D Ghost Hunt, Big 7 and Dragon Taming

The wooden roller coaster Colossus at Heide Park Soltau promises real thrills
The Colossus wooden roller coaster at Heide Park Soltau promises real thrills © Heide Park Resort

Have you in childhood also haunts ghosts and spirits? Now you can turn the tables! "Ghostbusters 5D" is the name of the ultimate ghost hunt in the Heide Park in Soltau, which is located near the Lüneburg Heath. The indoor attraction is an interactive dark ride. That is, an adventure of the fifth dimension that captivates with numerous special effects. All ghost hunters get a laser proton gun, 3D glasses and a ghost trap. In the squad car, visitors aged six and over chase through a haunted warehouse. The chase continues through pirate worlds, the Orient, the ancient Mayan culture and all the way to New York.

Even more adrenaline kicks and speed are promised by the "Big 7": These include the "Big Loop," whose wild journey will have you standing on your head four times as it descends from a height of 30 meters. The "Krake", Germany's first "Dive Coaster", will take you to the edge of madness. In "Scream" you will experience what free fall feels like from a height of 71 meters at a speed of almost 100 km/h. "Flight of the Demons" is the name of Germany's only "Wing Coaster", which presses you onto its wings with four times your body weight and races towards obstacles. Things are a little more leisurely and gentle on the nerves in "Peppa-Pig-Land," "Dragon Taming" or "Cloud Jumper." 44 wild rides, attractions, shows and water fun promise fun for everyone from the age of three. In the attached adventure hotel, you can stay overnight with Peppa Pig, in dragon tamer rooms or in the vacation camp.

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Wunderland Kalkar on the Lower Rhine: all-inclusive park in former nuclear power plant

The 58 meter high Vertical Swing chain carousel was built in the middle of the old cooling tower.
The 58-meter high Vertical Swing chain carousel was built in the middle of the old cooling tower © Cosmopolitain -

What an unusual location: The Kalkar nuclear power plant was originally intended to produce electricity, but it never went into operation and was abandoned in 1991. A few years later, one of Germany's largest investment ruins was turned into a fun park for the whole family. About an hour away from Duisburg Wonderland Kalkar the former cooling water tank was converted into an echo tower, climbing wall and a chain carousel at a height of 58 meters. The 40 rides also include the "Safari Adventure" in a jeep, where even the youngest can join in. In "Bumper Boats" you can fight against others in the water or be flung through the air on the "Samba Tower" while watching the ships on the Rhine.

"Kernies Family Park" is the name of the part of the amusement park, where especially younger children find adventure, fun and action. The motto in Kalkar is: Pay once, enjoy everything! This means that the admission price includes not only all the rides, but also chips, drinks and ice cream (as much as you want). For those who don't want to go home in a hurry, there are six hotels to choose from on the grounds. Of course, all of them are specialized in children and families.

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Tripsdrill Adventure Park and Wildlife Paradise: Full steam ahead into animal fun

"Head over heels" and "Full steam ahead" - just two of the numerous attractions at the Tripsdrill Adventure Park
"Head over heels" and "Full steam ahead" - just two of the many attractions at Tripsdrill Adventure Park ©

100 attractions and 50 species of animals including yaks, polar wolves and bears: Between Stuttgart and Heilbronn, in Cleebronn, lies the oldest amusement park in the republic. You can test your courage on six roller coasters - from the pleasurable ride in the "Rasenden Tausendfüßler" to the adrenaline rush in the "Karacho" catapult, which accelerates to a speed of 100 km/h in 1.6 seconds. Also new since June 2020 are the two roller coasters "Neck-over-Head" and "Full Steam". Do you fancy some action with a bit of cooling down? Then enjoy water fun attractions such as the "Wash Tub Rafting" or the "Bathtub Ride to the Fountain of Youth".

Soapbox races await young visitors, a "laundry basket round trip" or the "Moggelesbahn", on which it goes with piggy, rabbit and hedgehog into the countryside. Also popular with families is the attached game park, where wolves, bears, lynxes, wild cats, birds of prey and wild horses live. On a 150-meter barefoot trail, you can then follow the animals and see how it feels to feel different materials on the ground with bare feet. You can also spend the night here - in the nature resort. You can choose between 20 cozy shepherd's caravans or 28 comfortable tree houses, all in the middle of nature.

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Holiday Park, Haßloch: World's best roller coaster and dinosaur rafting

Wet and cheerful fun - the Thunder River at Holiday Park Haßloch
Wet and cheerful fun - the Thunder River at Holiday Park Hassloch © Holiday Park Hassloch

Roooarrr! "DinoSplash" is the name of the latest attraction in the Palatinate amusement park - a rafting adventure in raging waters with rapids and waterfalls among dinosaurs. If you get wet, your clothes will dry quickly on the Sky Scream, a catapult roller coaster.

Adrenaline rushes of the violent kind There's also BigFM Expedition Geforce, where you can take off into weightlessness at top speeds of 120 kilometers per hour. The roller coaster has won numerous awards as the best in Europe and even in the world, underlining just how wild the ride is. For those who are not quite so brave yet, the Holiday Park Hassloch The park offers a number of alternatives - from "Mia's Flight of the Elves" to an adventure forest, an antique horse carousel and Bee-Maja-Land.

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Treetop path Sankt Englmar: suspension bridge, forest tower, house upside down

Beautiful view guaranteed - on the way on the tree top walk Sankt Englmar
Beautiful view guaranteed - on the way on the tree top walk Sankt Englmar © Erika -

You can no longer believe your own eyes: Go to Forest top path in the Lower Bavarian town of Sankt Englmar has recently included a 52-meter-high wooden forest tower as well as a cave of illusions and a path of optical phenomena. Via a 2.5-meter-wide, barrier-free walkway, you climb through the various levels of the trees far above their treetops. From this bird's-eye view, you have fantastic views: from the Bavarian Forest to the Danube Valley, the plains of the Gäuboden and even as far as the Zugspitze in Upper Bavaria.

For the daring there is also an alternative route through the treetops: A suspension bridge that hovers 25 meters above the forest floor. Things get completely crazy in the area of optical illusions, which also includes the "house on the head". A house that stands on its roof. The two-story wooden house totally confuses the human perception system due to its additional longitudinal and transverse inclination. The interior furnishings of the house in the living room, bedroom, children's room, kitchen and bathroom are also completely twisted. So it feels like being a fly sitting on the ceiling.

Cover picture: And the world stands on its head - flight of fancy in front of the Michaelsberg in the Tripsdrill Adventure Park ©

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