When it comes to winter sports, Oberhof is quickly outstripped by no one else. Thanks in part to the LOTTO Thüringen Skisport-HALLE, the town in the heart of the Thuringian Forest has become the hub for German cross-country skiing and biathlon. An impressive facility, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which promises pure skiing pleasure at any time of year.

The indoor ski slope is a winter dream come true on a floor area of 1,100 square meters. The design was based on the natural course of the terrain. All cross-country skiers can look forward to a varied course - divided into a fast power loop (264 meters), a northeast loop (380 meters) and a west loop (1,100 meters). Together, this results in a remarkable total running length of 1,754 meters.

The LOTTO Thüringen Skisport-HALLE Oberhof is a popular destination for cross-country skiers at any time of the year © Paul Hentschel Photography - www.paulhentschel.de
The LOTTO Thüringen Skisport-HALLE Oberhof is a popular destination for cross-country skiers at any time of the year © Paul Hentschel Photography - www.paulhentschel.de

Around 30 centimeters of artificial snow create ideal conditions for amateur and professional athletes. Four snow guns produce it on the ceiling of the hall. Water and compressed air are forced through fine nozzles at minus 22 degrees Celsius. The result is a fine mist that eventually trickles to the ground and turns into fine snow crystals on its way down.

The entire hall has a constant temperature of minus four degrees Celsius. These conditions, combined with a finely adjustable humidity of over 80 percent, make it possible to adjust the snow to suit requirements - from light and dry to heavy and wet. State-of-the-art cooling technology with heat feedback is installed in the Oberhof indoor ski center to keep energy consumption as low as possible.

Besides amateur athletes so are the top athletes, who enjoy the benefits of the hall. This is hardly surprising, as the LOTTO Thüringen Skisport-HALLE is a unique winter sports facility in Central Europe - especially since the opening in 2011 of a further hall wing with four shooting ranges for small bore and air rifle, which can be used independently of the ski hall. This created the world's first biathlon hall in Oberhof, which can be used year-round for both competitive and popular sports.

In 2019, the LOTTO Thuringia Skiing Hall celebrated its tenth anniversary. Thanks to a colorful supporting program for young and old with numerous indoor and outdoor activities and many winter sports stars to "touch", the anniversary weekend in September became an atmospheric highlight for all winter sports fans and families, which also impressively demonstrated the attractiveness and versatility of the ski hall.   

As a year-round active center in the Thuringian Forest, Oberhof is a popular destination for all athletes. Directly at the Rennsteig Oberhof is the ideal starting point for hikes on Germany's oldest and best-known long-distance hiking trail and also offers plenty of exciting touring options in every season thanks to its wide network of skiing and biking trails. While the newly designed LOTTO Thüringen BIKEPARK makes the hearts of all mountain bike fans beat faster, the golf climbing park in the town center is a real adventure playground for the whole family. With the sports store Sport Luck - a firm institution for competitive and amateur athletes in and around Oberhof for more than 30 years - the ideal partner for outdoor adventures is located right next door, so to speak. The offer ranges from adequate sports equipment and an extensive clothing and shoe assortment to technique courses and guided tours, which is perfectly rounded off by delicious coffee and tasty cakes in the resident Café Luck.

By the way: Sport Luck is also present in the LOTTO Thüringen Skisport-HALLE - with a product selection specially designed for the needs of cross-country skiers* and a cozy café bar.

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