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Fine sandy beaches, natural cliffs, beach lounges, great events and a green inland full of idyllic hideaways - in the inner Lübeck Bay there are beach vacations with stars.

Around 30 kilometers of coastline, casual beach bars, carefree beach life and green inland idyll behind it - that's the inner Lübeck Bay on the Baltic Sea of Schleswig-Holstein. Instead of chichi and exaggerated ballyhoo, here you'll find fresh Baltic lifestyle, pure nature and a maritime way of life. From Travemünde in the south of the bay to the more northerly harbor town of Neustadt in Holstein, six charming Baltic resorts lie along the sea - each with its own unique flair, but all within easy reach: Journey to Travemünde | Journey to Timmendorfer Strand or Niendorf | Journey to the Bay of Lübeck

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Travemünde - carefree time out by the sea

Here, white sandy beach meets blue Baltic Sea, elegant seaside resort tradition meets carefree present. The seaside resort of Travemünde takes its visitors out of everyday stress and invites them to carefree vacation days and casual beach life by the sea - with a variety of sports and leisure activities, refreshing swimming fun on three beaches and numerous cafés and restaurants overlooking the water. The Nordermole beckons with an immediate feeling of relaxation, and the beach lounge is the perfect oasis of adventure. Sipping cocktails and with your feet in the sand, you can enjoy the view all the way to the horizon while watching the "Dicken Pötte" sail in and out. Really unique is the stroll on the promenade circuit Travemünde. It connects the Trave promenade on the city side of Travemünde with the new Priwall promenade and two relaxing mini-ferry trips. The unique combination of historic and modern seaside resort architecture is worth exploring; as is a visit to Travemünde's landmark, the four-masted barque 'Passat', which is a must on any vacation.

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Timmendorfer Strand - vacation at the highest level

Seven kilometers of Baltic Sea beach with the finest sand, behind it a flat, wide dune with green forest fringe and the idyllic East Holstein hill country - Timmendorfer Strand has all the natural prerequisites for an all-round successful beach vacation. And the infrastructure is also first-class. Comfortable to luxurious hotels, snack bars and restaurants of many nationalities' cuisines, shopping opportunities and top-class events provide the right setting for a relaxing vacation by the water. There is a fixed term for the feeling of living and vacationing in Timmendorfer Strand: that is Timmenlove. And you can feel it here at any time of the year. All around Timmendorfer Strand, untouched nature meets the Hemmelsdorfer See. This is definitely worth a trip for cyclists, hikers and nature lovers.
Whether the time out is more varied and lively or quiet and relaxed, that's up to you.

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Niendorf - port of hearts

In contrast to Timmendorfer Strand, Niendorf/Ostsee is tranquility itself - and its harbor is always worth a trip. At the most southwesterly quay walls of the Baltic Sea, weather-beaten fishing cutters moor just as much as flashing luxury yachts - a mix of fish stalls, cafés, concerts and plenty of relaxed vacation moments worth seeing. Along the new beach promenade and the long shallow beach, families also feel completely at home. A real play paradise for children that invites them to romp and swim. Water sports enthusiasts also get their money's worth here.
The promenade finds its eastern end at the Niendorfer Balkon. This modernly designed section of the promenade curves far out over the beach and offers a generous view of the entire Lübeck Bay, beach life and beautiful sunsets.

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Scharbeutz - feel good in every season

A rather casual flair, cozy restaurants and pubs and a cheerful beach life - that's what makes Scharbeutz. Beachfront restaurants and boutiques invite you to feast and stroll, and right at the Seebrückenplatz you can enjoy a cappuccino or sundowner cocktail with your feet in the fine sand at the Beach Lounge. Inland lies the Pönitzer Seenplatte, the low-wave freshwater alternative to the Baltic Sea. Bathing lakes are of course particularly popular with families with small children. The fact that a beach vacation is also a good idea in winter can be experienced particularly well in Scharbeutz. Then you can ice skate on the "Ice Dune Mile" with a view of the sea, drive away the gray-in-gray winter blues together with the locals in the small, cozy winter meetings, and enjoy the winter beach in the glow of the fire during torchlight hikes.

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Haffkrug - vacation between maritime tradition and relaxed beach life

Wild dune landscape in Haffkrug © Olaf Malzahn
Wild dune landscape in Haffkrug © Olaf Malzahn

The oldest seaside resort in the Bay of Lübeck used to be a fishing village - and you can still see it today. As a genuine coastal idyll, the Baltic resort lies on a white powdery sand beach. On its promenade, between thatched pavilions, you will discover, among other things, the lovingly restored fishing boat Haffi and small stone sculptures of sea creatures that recall the origins of the village. Since the 1970s, Haffkrug has been a recognized seaside health resort, which - free from the spirit of the times - has retained the pleasant unagitatedness of the fishermen. Here the credo applies: I can if I want, but I don't have to. And it is precisely this mood that fits wonderfully with the way a perfect vacation day should feel: free, flexible and self-determined. On the promenade with a view of the beach and sea, for example, you can enjoy freshly baked cake, fine fish specialties or a Fish roll enjoy on the hand.

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Sierksdorf - small favorite place at the Baltic Sea

This dreamy Baltic Sea village feels like a beautiful, perfect world, because it is small and cozy. Along the five kilometers of beach there is fine, light powdery sand with beach chairs for your perfect bathing day. For nature lovers who like wild nature best, the nearby cliff is just the thing, in the wall of which sea birds breed. Sierksdorf has a proverbial picturesque past and so in the village center you can walk in the footsteps of great painters such as Karl Schmidt-Rottluff through the beautiful chestnut avenue or past park-like gardens with lovingly restored thatched cottages. You can even spend the night in some of them - they now serve as vacation accommodations. For families, the widely known HANSA-PARK, the amusement park by the sea, offers an action-packed contrast program.

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Neustadt in Holstein - between harbor edge and south beach

Neustadt in Holstein has everything you could wish for in a harbor town. The largest private marina on the Baltic Sea is located here, and in the inland harbor fishermen sell their freshly caught goods almost directly from the cutter. Large traditional sailing ships are also moored there, rocking on small waves. And the restaurants on the waterfront invite you to their sunny terraces on the quay. In the harbor, the original fish roll cutter is anchored, where you can stop by for a maritime snack. Neustadt's fjord-like harbor connects the open sea almost directly with the historic old town center, in the middle of which is a large marketplace with cafés. On a coastal bike tour to the north, you'll pass the surf and kite hotspot Pelzerhaken and the naturally cozy Rettin - both Baltic Sea resorts are also part of Neustadt in Holstein. The best place to spend the sunset is on the southern beach of the harbor town, where you can enjoy a chilled drink from the relaxed beach bar for a carefree vacation feeling.  

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Cover photo: The fishing place in Sierksdorf from the bird's eye view © www.luebecker-bucht-ostsee

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