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No other federal state can ask so confidently: Which sea would you like? Schleswig-Holstein borders both the lively, rough North Sea and the often relaxed Baltic Sea. And in between are green inland areas for cycling and big cities for feasting and strolling. Video reporter Christoph Karrasch shows you five favorite places in his home state.

Christoph Karrasch
Written by Christoph Karrasch

Christoph Karrasch, journalist and video reporter, has been traveling the world for good stories for around ten years. But as a true northerner, the Kiel native is always drawn back to the fjord. He also lives there with his family.


A night in the sleeping beach chair

You might think Schleswig-Holstein has everything you need for a happy life: two seas and miles of beaches, dream islands on North and Baltic Sea And with Fehmarn, one of the sunniest places in the republic... And yet there was something that was still missing for the final happiness: a possibility to spend the night directly on the beach. And the people of Schleswig-Holstein simply invented it:

All information about the Schlafstrandkorb and the locations at the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, on Helgoland and at the Kieler Förde can be found here. here.


North Sea: Mudflat hiking from Föhr to Amrum

Mudflat hiking is a must during a vacation at the North Sea. How about a very special tour, which there is no second time? On foot from Föhr to Amrum. You walk from one island to the other at low tide. On the eight kilometers you have to walk around two large tideways, where the water is still standing even at low tide. Unless the wind is strong - then there's no going around but only through the middle, as you can see here:

Info about the mudflat hike between Amrum and Föhr there is here.


Eckernförde: The secret gourmet capital

Crab rolls from Büsum, matjes from Glückstadt and, of course, the Kiel sprat: there are quite a few culinary highlights from Schleswig-Holstein. On one of his tours through the true north, Christoph Karrasch found out that Eckernförde doesn't have to hide from gourmets either:

More info about Eckernförde's specialties and more can be found here. So you come relaxed by train to Eckernförde: more info.


Cycling through the Lauenburg Lakes

The farm tour in the Duchy of Lauenburg is just one of many examples of an extended bike tour through Schleswig-Holstein. Just outside Hamburg, the 34-kilometer route leads through the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park, where you can learn a lot about regional and sustainable agriculture, for example by stopping at the organic domain of Fredeburg or the Albers dairy farm. What else there is to experience on the way, you can see here:

All information about the farm tour through the Duchy of Lauenburg can be found at here.


Kiel and Lübeck: Maritime cities with village charm

The two largest cities in Schleswig-Holstein have a combined population of almost half a million. In the shadow of Hamburg as northern Germany's number one metropolis, Kiel and Lübeck have been able to retain their almost village-like charm - even though they are also large cities with a cosmopolitan existence: Kiel as a maritime gateway to the world with international cruise ship guests, Lübeck with its beautiful old town and world-class personalities.

About Kiel, Christoph Karrasch has a Online travel guide written. Info about Lübeck you can find here. You can easily get to both cities by train and bus: Journey to Kiel and Journey to Lübeck.

Cover picture: © Ostsee Holstein Tourismus eV / Ottmar Heinze