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Fancy Bremerhaven, but little time? Or not really know what is important? Of course, a visit to a city is always a matter of taste. But these five top sights you should not miss in the largest city on the German North Sea coast. Otherwise, it would be almost as if you had not been there at all. And that would be a real shame.


The city by the sea

Since time immemorial, everything in Bremerhaven has revolved around the sea and water, ships and fish, the harbor and dams. An exciting world! And during a visit to the "Havenwelten"you're right in the middle of it. The new district on the Weser dike is a maritime tourism center full of attractions. Highlights include the futuristic science center Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8°Ost, where you can learn all about climate and climate change. The Old Port with its museum ships, which is part of the German Maritime Museum. The submarine "Wilhelm Bauer", which is also a museum and through whose narrow corridors you can climb. The Old Harbor is followed by the New Harbor, majestically overlooked by the Old Lighthouse, a masterpiece of brick neo-Gothic architecture. At its feet, sailing yachts rock in the marina. The Migration Museum in the German Emigration House is also located at the New Harbor. You can find more information about Havenwelt here. You can find more info here: 5 best museums in Bremen and Bremerhaven.


Round trip with the HafenBus!

The name says it all: Bremerhaven has a lot of harbor. And that includes not only the touristically attractive Havenweltenbut above all the active commercial, container and overseas ports. Please get on board! The HafenBus takes you right into the heart of Bremerhaven's world ports, to gigantic ships that can be up to 400 meters long. To sky-high cargo cranes, to containers, shipyards and one of the longest river quays in the world. You will see where cars and exotic fruits are handled, where coffee, beer and heavy machinery are imported and exported, where towering cruise ships are moored at the quay, where all the languages of the world are spoken and it smells of diesel, seaweed and fish - just port. Bremerhaven. The tour also takes you through the fishing port and the Havenwelten with its museums and attractions.


Shop window fishing port

The best that the sea has to offer? Fish, of course. Preferably fresh. Bremerhaven was once an important center of deep-sea fishing. Today, the former fishing port is an attractive and very culinary place to visit, where you can enjoy matje rolls and fine plaice, buy fresh fish or cook it under professional guidance, learn a lot about fish and enjoy plenty of atmosphere. Center of the Shop windows fishing port is the former Fischhalle IV, a long brick building dating from 1907, which today presents itself as a gourmet location with fish restaurants, stores, a smokehouse and a harbor pub. The former "Fischbahnhof", a packing station from 1914, has also been converted: Look forward to a café, to performances in the "Theater im Fischereihafen", to your cooking class in the sea fish cooking studio. Last but not least: At the end of August the exhibition "Fischbahnhof 360°" starts with a panorama staging around fish.


Tour de fish

The Tour de Fisch includes a visit to the historic side trawler Gera © Tanja Mehl_Erlebnis Bremerhaven
The Tour de Fisch also includes a visit to the historic side trawler Gera © Tanja Mehl_Erlebnis Bremerhaven

Have you ever thought about where your fish sticks come from? Then we have a tip for you: the "Tour de fish" through the fishing port of Bremerhaven. During the two-hour bus tour, you'll learn all about Bremerhaven's development into "Fischtown", about the history of German deep-sea fishing and, yes, that's right, about the production of almost 10 million fish sticks daily in our city. The tour leads past auction halls, deep-freeze warehouses, fish industry companies and finally to the historic fish trawler "Gera", which will be visited in detail. If you get an appetite, simply get off at the "Schaufenster Fischereihafen" stop - the tempting fish restaurants there will already have fired up the stove!


Zoo by the sea

Much of the exciting wildlife that the maritime worlds and landscapes have to offer cavorts in this fine themed zoo right on the water. The animals of the north play the leading role - seals and polar foxes, giant polar bears and agile seals. Humboldt penguins have joined from the South Pole, sea lions from South America... But wait, what are the chimpanzees doing over there in the savannah landscape? In the past, Bremerhaven seafarers brought the monkeys back from their voyages, which makes them almost typical inhabitants of the North. In the new North Sea Aquarium, you can also discover the underwater world of the North in nine tanks - from eels and pike-perch to polar bears on a dive! You can find all information about the Zoo am Meer here.

Cover photo: Sea addiction: Bremerhaven with lighthouse at sunset © Achim Meurer_Erlebnis Bremerhaven www.achimmeurer.com

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