Would you like to take a virtual walk through Bremerhaven? Have you always wanted to look at Bremen through pink romantic glasses? Or just want to see how the locals see their city? Then we have three very special Instagram accounts for you.

@Katja.Klemm - The account that smells like the sea

The Humboldt penguins stand in line in a disciplined manner. Waddling a few steps there, a few steps back, and then - ahh! the food bucket with the fish. The cute spectacle is not taking place in Antarctica, but just a click away on the Instagram account of Katja Klemm. The scene is the Zoo by the sea in Bremerhavenwhich the amateur photographer leads through via Instawalk, a kind of mini-multimedia presentation. In other Instawalks, Katja takes her followers to the fishing port, on the deck of historic ships or to the famous Emigrant Museum.

In general, the influencer always stays close to the water. Actually, photos are odorless, but anyone who scrolls through Katja's Instagram account immediately has this typical coastal smell in the nose: of seawater, silt, salt, seaweed, a touch of ship diesel and a pinch of the big wide world. The anticipation for the trip to Bremen, Bremerhaven and the North Sea is rising!

@weser_puppe: Fairy tale city Bremen

Crocuses break through the grass, magnolia blossoms unfurl at the Herdertor Mill, and lavender sets purple accents on the Bremen marketplace - who would have thought that the big city has so much color?  @Weser doll Eva-Christina Krause shows the Hanseatic city from unusual angles. The focus is on narrow alleys, small squares and crooked half-timbered houses, the castle-like town hall and the old quarter Schnoor, cobblestones and hidden green corners. With dark tones and filters that put a mysterious pink veil over everything, Eva-Christina transforms Bremen into a mystical fairy tale place.

The photos from March and April show a city as if in slumber. Hardly any people are to be seen. A city captured in the brief standstill between breathing out and breathing in. For all their magical mood, the posts also function as tangible sightseeing tips: here the coziest corner of the city at the Schifferhaus, there the Schnoor, there the Union Brewery. A city tour like something out of a storybook!

Insiders like you and me

At @meinbremen Bremen's Instagrammers take over the account and show their city from their own personal point of view. Dog owners name the nicest walking corners, a Werder fan takes followers to the stadium, there are strolls through the old and new town, nightlife sessions and bike tours through the surrounding countryside.

It never gets boring, because each Instagramer brings his personal preferences, his favorite corners, his style. Sights like town musicians and the UNESCO World Heritage City Hall as well as the secret corners that only locals know.

Just as if you were a guest at a friend's house. A perspective that makes every trip a success. Even if it's only on Instagram for now!

Here is a suggestion for a perfect weekend in Bremen & Bremerhaven to see the cities live directly!

How to get to Bremen by train: Plan arrival.

Cover photo: The story of the donkey, dog, cat and rooster in search of happiness once made Bremen famous: today the bronze statue is one of Bremen's most popular motifs © WFB/Jonas Ginter

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