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Where the Weser flows into the North Sea lies the largest maritime city on the German North Sea coast, Bremerhaven. Besides lots of maritime brick buildings and modern worlds of knowledge in the city center, the nature around the city is also worth a visit. Especially on and along the dikes there is a lot to discover. We have put together six ideas for you. 


The Weser beach bath

A beach in the middle of the city? Why not! The historic Weser beach bath is located directly behind the museum harbor and only a few minutes' walk from the city center. If you spend a day here in a beach chair, you not only have the best view of the Maritime Museum and the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost, but also of the gigantic container ships that pass by at what feels like a snail's pace. They are also the reason why swimming is not allowed here in the Weser, but holding your feet in the water is no problem. And when the little visitors have had enough of marveling at the huge ships, they can let off steam in the water playground. Changing rooms and sanitary facilities are also available.


The Offshore Experience Red Sand Lighthouse

If you want to experience water, waves, speed and the lighthouses of Bremerhaven up close, you should take a Tour with the offshore RIB company. The boat is reminiscent of a large inflatable boat, but is ideally suited for the rough conditions on the open sea. From the New Harbor, you go out onto the Weser and along the cruise terminal and the container pier. With a bit of luck, a large freighter will be moored here, which you can then view from a completely new perspective. Downstream the tour leads to the lighthouses. We will stop briefly at each lighthouse so that everyone has time to admire and photograph the impressive maritime structures. In addition, there is some information about the respective lighthouses and their functions. The tour lasts about three hours in total, waterproof jackets and safety vests are provided, because the skippers are tough: they also sail in bad weather.


The zoo by the sea

Eye to eye with polar bears, seals, penguins, gannets and co. Zoo by the sea you can get very close to the animals. Here live mainly animals of the north and the water. Thanks to large glass panes, you can watch them dive and hunt. But there is also a lot to discover above water. Since time immemorial, the people of Bremerhaven have been a seafaring people and often brought back monkeys and other exotic animals from their travels to distant lands. The zoo also depicts this part of the city's history. For example, chimpanzees scour the savannah landscape and little clawed monkeys romp through the branches. A total of 47 different animal species live in the zoo, which is designed as a walkable rocky landscape. The highlight here is also the viewing platform, from which you have a wide view of the Weser estuary and the passing ships - and at the same time of the natural habitat of many zoo animals.


Visit the "Schulschiff Deutschland

Since August 2021, Bremerhaven's city center has one more attraction - the "Training ship Germany"the last German full-rigged ship, has found her berth here in the New Harbor directly at Lloyd Square. Launched in 1927, the 86-meter-long ship is one of the last large square-rigged sailing ships and a unique piece of maritime history. You can explore the ship on your own or as part of a guided tour, get a breath of sea air between masts, stays and ropes, and learn a lot about the ship's eventful history in the mess hall, the captain's saloon or the ship's own museum. If you like, you can also spend the night in the berths of one of the 30 outer chambers. The former sail training ship also serves as a venue for events and can be rented for private celebrations. You even have the possibility to get married on board in a maritime atmosphere.


The water buffaloes of Luneplate

With 1438 hectares, the Luneplate in Bremerhaven's south is the largest nature reserve in the state of Bremen. In the mix of mudflats, grassland and wet meadows, numerous water birds rest during their migration from north to south and vice versa. You can observe avocets, teals and barnacle geese as well as many other species - including endangered ones - from the observation tower, which offers a panoramic view of the unique natural idyll directly on the Weser. But not only feathered animals live here: Water buffalo weighing tons trudge in two herds over pastures and the reeds, keeping it short for the birds. The best way to explore the area is on foot or by bike. The trails start directly at the parking lot on the dike. Information boards along the way tell the story of how the Luneplate came to be. 


The container observation tower

Actually, it is strictly forbidden for visitors to enter container terminals. There is no exception in Bremerhaven either - but a wonderful solution to still get a glimpse into the hustle and bustle of containers and cranes. Built in 1979, the Container observation tower consists of a supporting structure and twelve of the steel containers. A 12.50-meter-high and approximately 78-square-meter viewing platform allows you to observe operations in the container terminal and the entry and passage of ships through the North Lock. The tower is open all year round and is accessible free of charge.

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