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Bremen is a versatile city. On the one hand, the cultural program inspires, but on the other hand, it is also the outdoor activities that make the Hanseatic city a popular vacation and excursion destination. We present you the most beautiful (dis)exciting outdoor leisure activities.


Water sports: exploring Bremen's waters

Bremen's maritime lifestyle is no coincidence: the city has a variety of beautiful waters that offer ideal conditions for water sports.

Let's start with the Weser: Dragon boating is especially popular among people with team spirit. In concentrated power, you discover the dragon in you and pick up speed. Every year, the Dragon Boat Cup takes place on the nearby Werdersee, where people compete against each other. Similar and no less exciting is the Kutterpullen - a sport in which a team of 10 people transport a cutter over a set distance as quickly as possible to the target.

Those who prefer to paddle something for themselves, can rent a canoe or kayak. The Weser is very navigable and offers a lot of comfort through numerous entry and exit points as well as cozy resting places.

But of course there are other waters, that are paddleable. For example, the Stadtwaldsee near the university or the Bultensee in Bremen's east. Stand up paddling, also known as SUP, is particularly popular and popular here. Water sports enthusiasts stand on a board and move around with the help of a long paddle. It's very relaxing and sometimes meditative, but it also works and exercises unexpected muscle groups. For extra relaxation, some rental companies offer yoga classes on the water.


On the bike through Bremen and surroundings

Always along the Weser: along the popular river there are good and easily navigable bike paths
Always along the Weser: There are good and easily navigable bike paths along the popular river © BTZ Bremer Touristik Zentrale

For Bremer:innen cycling is more than a mode of transport or a sport - it is a way of life. This is also and especially due to the well-developed bike paths and the picturesque surroundings through which they pass.

To get to know the city, the city center tour is recommended. It takes you away from the tourist:inside streams through the historic city center, past various exciting cultural institutions and you learn a lot about the development of the city. The 17-kilometer route is ideal for a leisurely day of cycling through the city and to collect many impressions.

Do you want to ride a bike along the water, follows the route of the Weser-Runde - a 29-kilometer bike ride that takes you through the harbor, to green dikes and a lido ideal for a summer break. A loop that will show you the many sides of the Hanseatic city and even includes a short ferry ride. Pure variety!

One of the most beautiful cycling areas in Bremen and ideal for nature lovers is the Blockland circuit. You start at the main train station, and a short time later you cross the highway. From here, you can take a relaxed walk through the agricultural region: there are more cows than people, and you won't find any cars here. Very idyllic and relaxing.

Are you looking for after more routes? Here you will find what you are looking for.


Hiking and walking

In the Schnoor quarter the heart of romantics beats faster
In the Schnoor quarter the heart of romantics beats faster © Sina Ettmer - stock.adobe.com

Bremen to explore on foot, leaves you plenty of time to get to know the Hanseatic city in detail. Culturally very interesting is a walk through the historic city center with its many sights. If you want to learn a lot about the history, book a guided tour. If you are on your own, after visiting the old town, Schnoor and the famous Böttcherstraße, make a detour to the adjacent scene "quarter" - a district with a lot of big city flair and numerous old Bremen houses. The perfect place for a break, there are nice pubs and restaurants here.

Do you want to stay in the city but still want to get some fresh air, we recommend a round through the so-called green lung of the city. It goes on a total of 12 kilometers through the Bürgerpark and the Stadtwald. A longer, but also for less trained people feasible round with many refreshment and recreation options.


Disc Golf: Unknown sport with fun guarantee

The sport Disc Golf has arrived in Bremen and enjoys great popularity
The sport Disc Golf has arrived in Bremen and enjoys great popularity © derikmsmith - stock.adobe.com

An increasingly popular fusion in the sports sector is the mixture of Frisbee and golf. A trendy sport in which players try to hit the baskets in the surrounding area with the disc - and, as in golf, with as few throws as possible. The Weseruferpark, or WUP for short, is a favorite place for players. Wide meadows, a view of the Weser shore and numerous baskets that want to be hit with the disc. Disc golf is certainly not a stressful sport, here you can take your time, chat in peace and enjoy the surroundings.


Climbing in Bremen's surrounding area

There are great high ropes courses in the Bremen area
There are great high ropes courses in the Bremen area © Kzenon - stock.adobe.com

Anyone who knows Bremen knows: Here the land is flat. But that doesn't mean that climbers can't let off steam outdoors. The enchanted kraxelmaxel climbing forest in Kirchhatten, for example, invites adventurous soloists, groups and children from the age of 6 to take on a variety of challenges on floating tires, taut wire ropes and wobbly wooden bridges. Airy adventures, between which you can take small breaks on the large wooden plateaus. Other climbing gardens can be found in Lesum and Verden, for example.

Who likes to linger in the city and still want to marvel at the "flat land" will find an eleven-meter-high climbing rock directly on the Weser River in the Pauliner-Marsch sports garden. The perfect place for those interested in any level of experience. The rock can be climbed independently or in guided courses.

Convinced? Then explore Bremen active and gather new experiences that you will surely rave about for a long time to come.

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Cover photo: Bremen's waters offer the ideal conditions for varied water sports © BTZ Bremer Touristik Zentrale

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