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Is the weather ideal for a visit to the beer garden? Is there a lot going on at the sights? What does it look like in Munich? Webcams are a great way to gather inspiration for your vacation. And they help you plan excursions during your vacation. Take a look at Munich right now and find out which time of year is best for a vacation in the Bavarian capital.  

What's going on in Munich?

The Bavarian capital is considered the most beautiful major city in Germany. Or also: the northernmost city in Italy! The cosmopolitan city with a heart is known for its high recreational value. There are the neat beer gardens in the city, the Flaucher and the Isarauen, where all of Munich seems to be out and about in sunny weather. Not to forget the English Garden with the now famous Eisbach wave at the Haus der Kunst. This is a place where good surfers virtually surf on the spot, always watched by a large throng of incredulous tourists. Other sights in Munich that no tourist misses is Marienplatz with the neo-Gothic City Hall, where FC Bayern always celebrates its championships - interrupted at most once by the Glockenspiel. This goes off daily at 11 and 12 o'clock and from March to October also once again at 5 o'clock. There is no visitor with an Instagram account who would not eagerly collect motifs here. The world-famous Viktualienmarkt is also a pilgrimage site for visitors - on the one hand a folklore event, but on the other hand also the place where many fresh goods are sold over the counter - sometimes at surprising prices. The entertainment district in Munich has always been Schwabing in artistic circles, but Munich's chic crowd has long since settled in the Gärtnerplatz district as well. 

Munich in summer

When it's sunny in Munich, it's good manners to spend time in a beer garden. No other city in Germany has such a high density of beer gardens; nowhere is the Maß Bier, the Leberkäs-Semmel or the Weißwurst so fervently consumed as in Munich. Who is the most beautiful beer garden is the subject of heated debate every year: For now, we recommend the famous beer garden at the Chinese Tower and the Seehaus, both in the English Garden. For advanced and demanding drinkers, the Jazzbiergarten in the Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe would be an option. In summer, a stroll through the green hills of the Olympic Center, which has been one of the most popular places to visit since it was built in 1972, the year of the Olympics, is definitely a good idea. In the middle of it still stands the wonderful Olympic Stadium, where the Bavarians played for a long time - now it is used for large concerts and events. In Munich, people like to show off - if the weather is nice, definitely in one of the street cafés on Leopoldstrasse between Münchner Freiheit and the Siegestor. Just behind it begins the stately Ludwigstrasse, which leads to Odeonsplatz and the Feldherrenhalle - in Munich, you breathe history at every turn. If you'd like to have summertime Munich and its characters - many of them real originals - explained to you, you have two options: "Monaco Franze" or "Kir Royal," both from the streaming provider you trust. The latest information is always available from IN München, a free event magazine.

Munich in winter

The most beautiful winter walks are possible in the winter on Munich city area around the Nymphenburg Castle. Also gastronomically the Palm House in the castle is a wonderful address to shake the winter chill out of your janker. Even though the Oktoberfest in Munich basically occupies its own season in the Bavarian capital, it somehow also heralds the change of seasons. There is really no need to say anything about the world's largest folk festival, which has now had to be suspended for two years, much to the dismay of the people of Munich. Only this much: Those who have never seen this spectacle with their own eyes should not allow themselves to pass judgment ... Among the things that have traditionally been of great importance in Munich is art: Numerous galleries, museums and theaters make Munich one of the most exciting cultural venues in Germany: the Neue and Alte Pinakothek, the Haus der Kunst, the famous Kammerspiele and the Residenztheater, which only received a new location in 2021. Culturally, the Gasteig vis 'a vis the Deutsches Museum is also far ahead - and the Deutsches Museum anyway. It could go on like this for hours: Munich has so much to offer. The Müllersche Volksbad is an art nouveau swimming pool that is a great place to take a dip. With the Werksviertel behind the Ostbahnhof, a whole new district is being built, with hotels, live stages, restaurants and an international concert hall. With the city's most famous sprayer, Loomit, there is even an official street art representative there. Close to the pedestrian zone on Neuhauser Strasse is the MUCA - the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art, which Munich-based Stephanie and Christian Utz set up with private funds. Exemplary! Last tip: If you want a great meal, nice staff, a great chef and no chi chi at all (not so easy in Munich), then definitely go to Dominik Käppeler in the Showroom drop by. You will not regret it! 

Best time to visit Munich

There is no best time to travel to Munich. Every single day of the year, Munich offers a variety of opportunities to be well entertained and experience a lot. Munich is located in a temperate climate zone - the summer is pleasantly warm on average, and the winter is relatively mild. There are no dry periods in Munich, nor is there a permanent snow cover. On average, the sun shines in Munich for about 4.6 hours a day. However, this value is exceeded between April and September. It is also interesting to note that the sun shines more than seven hours a day in a total of 2 months, on average 0.3 hours longer than in the rest of the country. We told you: Munich is the northernmost city in Italy. And ask about the Munich Föhn when you're there - it's a weather situation that doesn't exist anywhere else... 

Cover photo: Today, the Olympic Park is a popular recreational destination. Cool experience: As part of a guided tour, you can walk across the roof of the Olympic Stadium © Adobestock/Fabio

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