A natural experience, a dream location for sporting activities and a romantic place of longing at the same time: the Danube Valley is one of the most beautiful and diverse river landscapes in the entire country.

By train to Beuron: Plan arrival

The view from up here is probably the most beautiful over the entire Danube valley: Those who have fought their way up to the majestic Wildenstein Castle in Leibertingen - once a medieval fortification, today a youth hostel with 156 guest beds - are rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view that makes every meter of hiking worthwhile.

And it also reveals why the Danube valley is so popular with hikers, canoeists and other nature lovers: deep below, paddle boats glide silently across the still young Danube on the edge of the Swabian Alb. In the mountainous part of the upper Danube, climbers between Beuron and Sigmaringen hang like colorful pearls in the picturesque rock faces. And on the Danube Valley Cycle Route mountain bikers and touring cyclists pedal along in good spirits. Surely also because they know that the most beautiful Swabian hospitality can be found everywhere along the way. And if you are now wondering whether you can actually see all this from Wildenstein Castle, the answer is: no. But it really doesn't take much imagination!

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