Germany's largest theme park attracts visitors of all ages with endless fun, adventure and heart-pounding excitement - with 15 European themed areas, the new water world "Rulantica" and overnight stays at the adventure resort.

New expedition with the "Pirates in Batavia

Bartholomeus van Robbemond is a cool guy: master thief, circumnavigator, pirate, explorer and likeable. At the age of 14, he signs on as a ship's boy. At 21, he wins his first ship while playing cards and sails to Batavia, the former Indonesian capital. There he searches for the legendary, magical dagger called the Fire Tiger on the basis of a yellowed treasure map. For whoever possesses the fire tiger is invulnerable.

The latest adventure at Europa-Park in Rust, which reopened in July 2020, starts with an exciting boat ride through the old port city of Batavia. "Pirates of Batavia" is the name of the main attraction in the Dutch themed area, which now features more than 80 new high-tech characters. Drunken pirates, monkeys, crocodiles and snakes meet visitors on their mysterious journey with Bartholomeus van Robbemond through 18th century Indonesia. To foreign sounds, the exotic landscapes of the Dutch colony pass by - but where is the fire tiger?

In the theme park's 15 European themed areas, the whole of Europe can be explored in just one day - and in an adventurous way. More than 100 attractions surprise the visitors, because there is something for every age - from grandmas and grandpas to their little grandchildren. In Portugal, for example, "Atlantica SuperSplash" is the perfect way to cool off on warm summer days. In France, the Silver Star attracts visitors with a breathtaking combination of speed (130 kilometers per hour) and weightlessness. In the German themed area, locomotive driver Lukas and Jim Knopf invite you on a family tour of Lummerland. And in Scandinavia, "Fjord Rafting" takes you past thundering waterfalls, into a mystical cave with special effects and up onto the giant "Vindjammer" swing. Things get even wilder on the tracks of the high-speed roller coaster "Euro-Mir" - one of a total of 13 roller coasters. At first, the gondola climbs leisurely to a height of 28 meters, but then it takes a nosedive. At 80 kilometers per hour, the gondola races into the depths - and spins on its own axis. Mountains, valleys, a fast straight line, a narrow gyro, a black hole - full braking!

Digital world novelty in the roller coaster

Riding a roller coaster alone is already a strong thrill for most people. But the digital world novelty, the roller coasters "Alpenexpress Coastiality" and the "Eurosat Coastiality," opens up yet another new dimension of roller coaster riding. Passengers put on virtual reality goggles to experience an unprecedented adventure. While the VR goggles play an animated, virtual 3D world, you can feel the wind, the centrifugal forces and the tight curves during the real roller coaster ride.

Dive into the water world Rulantica

While we're in the far north: According to legend, the Norse god Loki created the island of Rulantica to tempt people. And the temptation in Europa-Park's new water world "Rulantica" is indeed great: 25 splashing water attractions, including 17 slides, tunnels, torrents like the 250-meter-long Lazy River, and a wave pool guarantee fun and action in any weather. The outdoor area of the water world, which covers a total of 32,600 square meters - the equivalent of 26 Olympic swimming pools - has been generously expanded for the start of summer 2020. In addition to the turquoise blue outdoor pool, around 1,000 sun loungers and relaxation islands invite visitors to sunbathe and relax.

In the fall of 2020, the new "Hyggedal" relaxation area will open in Rulantica in the style of a Nordic forest landscape. The oasis of well-being will then also include two textile saunas with outdoor terraces and lounging options, as well as new gastronomic offerings.

From early summer 2021, visitors to Rulantica can look forward to even more water fun! The construction work for the expansion of the water adventure world has already begun. Starting next year, two new areas will provide plenty of outdoor fun that will make the hearts of young and old adventurers beat faster. "Svalgurok" promises summer fun for the whole family with nine exciting slides, including a funnel slide and a wave slide, a "tipping bucket" and over 100 play options, and will be Germany's largest outdoor water playground. Right next door, "Snorri Strand" offers slide and water fun for the youngest Snorri fans with more splashy attractions.

Dreamlike sleeping at Europa-Park

To savor the many oversized attractions and shows, one day at Europa-Park is not enough. There are not only more than 50 restaurants on the grounds, but also six adventure hotels as well as a campground and a camp resort that offers overnight stays in log cabins, covered wagons or tepee tents. Adventure is also the order of the day at the hotels - at 4-star (superior) level. Each is dedicated to a different theme. The castle hotel "Castillo Alcazar" is dominated by the Middle Ages, the "Santa Isabel" is a Portuguese monastery, in the hotel "Colosso" the charm of Italy welcomes you, in the "Bell Rock" you travel through New England and the new hotel "Krønasår" is modeled after a natural history museum - in the entrance area a gigantic sea snake welcomes the guests.

If one day is too short for all attractions, you can also stay overnight in six adventure hotels. Brand new: the "Krønasår" © Europa-Park
If one day is too short for all attractions, you can also stay overnight in six adventure hotels. Brand new: the "Krønasår" © Europa-Park

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