What is the best way for us to recover? One thing is certain: We recover well in and with nature. The 56 spas and health resorts have developed many ideas for this. We were in Bad Dürrheim in the Black Forest 

It is a hot summer day. But the air here is pleasantly moist and cool. The brine in the Bad Dürrheim graduation works trickles down four meters over about 6,000 bundles of blackthorn twigs, forming ever finer water droplets. These are eventually absorbed by the air and provide a great microclimate. Inhalation is said to have a soothing effect on respiratory diseases. The brine-enriched air also increases the well-being of healthy people. The recommended duration is 20 to 30 minutes - so breathe deeply and let go. The effect of the graduation works can of course not only be experienced in Bad Dürrheim, but also in Bad Mergentheim, Bad Rappenau, Bad Waldsee, Bad Schönborn and Menzenschwand. 

"Our health experts are developing more and more offerings from natural remedies." Markus Spettel, Managing Director Kur- und Bäder GmbH Bad Dürrheim

Treasures from nature

Salt deposits were discovered in Bad Dürrheim as early as the 1820s. Today, at an altitude of 733 meters, the town is the highest brine spa in Germany. And the only one in Baden-Württemberg that is simultaneously a brine spa, Kneipp spa and climatic spa. From natural remedies, the experts in Bad Dürrheim and the other spas and health resorts in the state are developing more and more recreational and health offerings. Under the motto "natur.erholt." (nature.recovers.), in the coming years they want to focus even more than before on the health-promoting powers that come from nature, for example, moor, healing climate, brine, forest, herbs and healing water. 

Contrast program to everyday life

All well and good, but how do people actually relax? Where do they recharge their batteries? Scientific studies suggest that this varies greatly from person to person. People recover well when they discover new things and do things during their vacation that contrast with everyday life. Those who normally do physical work relax by doing nothing - or by reading a book. Those who do mental work may learn a new sport. But one thing is certain: the power of nature always has a healing effect. 

Float in brine

In Bad Dürrheim and the five other brine spas in the state (Stuttgart, Bad Rappenau, Bad Wimpfen, Bad Mergentheim and Bad Schönborn), you float almost weightlessly in indoor and outdoor pools containing brine. These are between 28 and 37 degrees warm on average. The water relaxes the muscles. The buoyancy created by the high salt content in the water relieves the joints. The salt has a positive effect on the skin. We are only in Bad Dürrheim for a few days, and we put together our own program for this little time out: a visit to Solemar, a walk in the spa gardens, and information about Kneipp's teachings in the themed gardens there. Germany celebrates the 200th birthday of Sebastian Kneipp this year. By the way, Bad Dürrheim is not the only Kneipp spa in Baden-Württemberg. In total, the treatments according to Sebastian Kneipp can be tried out in twelve Kneipp spas and one Kneipp health resort in the state.

Smiling walk over mulch

The barefoot path in Bad Dürrheim © TMBW / Raatz

The stones are round and cool, they massage the sole of the foot. It is more difficult to walk smilingly over wooden mulch. The barefoot path in Bad Dürrheim's spa park aims to sharpen guests' senses. Because during a health vacation, one is more open to new impressions. So it's best to take advantage of the opportunity, because if you train your senses now, you have a good chance of being more attentive to little things in everyday life, too. Speaking of new impressions: They do you good and, according to recent studies, contribute more to recovery than doing nothing. Bad Dürrheim and the other spas and health resorts have many ideas for this: Yoga, meditation or painting courses are offered, for example. In Bad Dürrheim, there is a park course with fitness equipment and the 4,000-square-meter adventure golf course directly in the spa park.

Time for the big questions

What do we need to be satisfied? What is really important in our own lives? Are changes on the horizon? As soon as calm sets in, there is room again for the bigger questions in life - and those are best addressed without distraction. Hiking around Bad Dürrheim is a good way to do this. But you can also simply stroll through the spa gardens, as we did. At the Kneipp pool, we spontaneously take off our sandals and step into the water up to our calves. It's so icy cold that we automatically take a deep breath. But the slow wading in the stork gait is refreshing. And afterwards, our feet feel light again. 

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