The most beautiful season at Lake Constance? The apple weeks. From September 18 to October 10, 2021, everything in the region revolves around the crunchy fruit - with bike tours through orchard meadows, tastings, guided tours of farms and distilleries. And of course plenty of culinary highlights

Apples are among the absolute protagonistn on Lake Constance. They shape the landscape and agriculture of the region like hardly anything else. In Germany's second-largest growing region, 250,000 tons of apples ripen every year. In late summer, they have reached their bright color, sweet taste and crisp firmness and can be harvested. Then there is at the Lake Constance really a lot to celebrate. In around 25 participating towns on Germany's northern shore, fruit farms and traditional businesses welcome guests and locals to an enjoyable program. Whether tastings, festivals or demonstrations - the offer is large and offers something for everyone.

Apple growers invite for example, invite you to expert tours of their farms. Distilleries and farm stores between Lindau and Mainau show what they have to offer. In the restaurants, highly motivated chefs stand at the stove and let their creativity be inspired by the apple. Like the newly crowned star chef Kevin Leitner from the restaurant "s'Äpfle" in the Seehotel Villa Linde in Bodman, who has come up with a salmon trout with apple vinaigrette. In the "Brennerei zum Forst", on the other hand, guests can already look forward to an apple cider braised beef with braised potato dumplings. But 32 other restaurants also present apple-autumn specialties on the menu.

By the way, the kitchen artists can choose from about 20 apple varieties. That's how many varieties are grown by the 1200 or so apple growers in the region. These include Boskoop, the classic baking and cooking apple, the juicy and crunchy Braeburn, the ever-popular Elstar and the all-rounder Jonagold. However, many old varieties still grow in the meadow orchards.

Apple Shopping: Also who wants to shop, comes in the apple weeks at the Lake Constance fully at his expense. The farm stores are stacked with crates of freshly harvested fruits of paradise. And everything else that the apple farmers produce is also available there directly on site: from apple juice and jams to brandies and vinegar to chutneys and fresh cakes.

If you do not only enjoy, but also want to get some exercise, you can experience the harvest atmosphere on a bike tour through the magnificent countryside. A 37-kilometer circular route leads in the hinterland of Friedrichshafen through idyllic villages, past huge orchards and scattered fruit meadows - and always with a view of the Lake Constance. In between, you can indulge yourself in farm cafés and restaurants or store in the farm store. You'll also find the most beautiful rest areas for a perfect picnic along the way. Tip: If the route is too long for you, simply take the shortcut and sail from Friedrichshafen to Immenstaad by boat).

A little tip for apple lovers: 70 percent of the vitamins are found directly under the skin. So don't peel them, just bite into them.

Dates and highlights: The apple weeks on Lake Constance will take place from September 18 to October 10, 2021, in many places on Germany's northern shore between Lindau and Mainau. The program includes farm tours and tastings, apple markets and readings, leisurely round trips and family tours, as well as a colorful activity program. Many restaurants have also developed apple creations to match the occasion.

Cover picture: Simply delicious - apples from the Lake Constance region © Dietmar Denger

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