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Written by Melanie Schillinger

Melanie, a writer and travel blogger, hung up her steady job at 30, gave away or sold most of her stuff, and used the money to book the first one-way ticket of her life. On her travel blog Good Morning World it informs its readers about her travels to the most beautiful places in the world, always looking for the next goosebump moment.

Ulm is an unknown beauty! Now that I have finally seen the enchanting old town with my own eyes, and the incomparable charm of the historic fishermen's quarter with the most crooked hotel in the world, the colorful Grabenhäusle and the pretty walk on the defiant city wall along the Danube has completely enchanted me, it is a mystery to me why Ulm is not as well known and popular for city trips as Munich, Cologne & Co.


The university town is located on the southeastern edge of the Swabian Alb on the border with Bavaria in Baden-Württemberg. It has over 126,000 inhabitants. The steeple of its Gothic cathedral is the highest in the world at 161.53 meters.

Why Ulm also bears the name Zweilandstadt? Because the Danube, which flows through the middle of the city, divides the town into two halves and at the same time represents the border between two federal states. One part of the city - Ulm - is in Baden-Württemberg, the other - Neu-Ulm - is in beautiful Bavaria. On the Herdbrücke, the border line is very nicely marked, so you can stand here at the same time with one foot in Bavaria and the other in Baden-Württemberg. Cool, isn't it?

The Danube, which flows through the middle of the city, also marks the border between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg © Melanie Schillinger

One of my absolute favorite places in Ulm is the Ulm Cathedral, built in the Gothic style. The mighty main tower of the Protestant church rises majestically 161.53 meters into the sky. Of course you can also climb the officially highest church tower in the world, 768 stone steps lead you to the lofty heights above the roofs of the old town. Your ascent is guarded by numerous, grim-looking gargoyles. Once at the top, you'll be charmed not only by the extraordinarily beautiful view of the glittering Danube and the medieval roofs with countless skylights at your feet, but also by the top of the tower itself, which is a kind of open space with shallow steps for sitting. It looks really beautiful when the sun's rays fall inside through the ornate ornaments and arches, creating a fascinating play of light and shadow. On a clear day, you can even make out the Alps on the horizon. A small white balloon on the outer façade of Ulm Cathedral, which the Türmer hangs up when the weather is good, tells you whether it's that kind of day.

Favorite places in Ulm - the mighty Gothic cathedral and the historic old town © Melanie Schillinger

The second place, that has dug itself deep into my memories is the historic city wall along the banks of the Danube. Between the ornate half-timbered houses of the old town and the river, you can stroll here wonderfully with an ice cream in your hand. During your walk, you will pass some very beautiful sights such as the Goose Tower, the historic fishermen's and tanners' quarter, the enchanting Rose Garden, the newly built Berblinger Tower and the Metzger Tower, which is tilted at an angle of 3.3 degrees. An old story says that Ulm's fat-eating butchers hid from the approaching city guard in a corner of the tower after a fraud attempt was discovered, whereupon the butcher's tower tilted 3.3 degrees to the side under the weight of the dishonest men. For comparison, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has a slope of 3.97 degrees.

Since the Danube here in Ulm is still in its infancy and is too shallow for most ships and boats, the cool waters invite you to take part in numerous water sports or simply to swim. Picturesque sunbathing lawns line up along the shores. Have you ever stood on a SUP board? If not, here in Ulm you can try it out for the first time. It's a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the city's casual lifestyle!

The calmly flowing Danube is best suited for first SUP standing attempts © Melanie Schillinger

If I was able to whet your appetite for a city trip to Ulm, you can find many more individual tips on the most beautiful cities on my travel blog Good Morning World. Ulm sights.

Cover photo: From the tower of Ulm Cathedral you have a great view over the city © Melanie Schillinger

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