Amrum, Föhr, Nordstrand, Pellworm or Sylt - our author Harald Braun somehow likes all North Frisian Islands. His top sights in the required brevity:

Table of contents
1. Amrum
2. Föhr
3. Pellworm
4. North Beach
5. Sylt



It should be well known by now that size does not matter. In the case of the Amrum knee sands however ... The 15 kilometer long and 1.5 kilometer wide High Sandwhich geologically does not even belong to Amrum, is in any case celebrated by the islanders as the largest beach in Europe. Popular year-round as a hiking and jogging trail, Kniepsand becomes a water playground for the whole family in summer. But Amrum is no one-trick pony: anyone who musters the energy to take a bike tour around the island, which isn't witchcraft given Amrum's manageable size, will notice: There's a lot to see here. The bird sanctuary Amrum-Odde for example, two kilometers long, 200 meters wide and surrounded by a chic, 40-meter-high dune landscape. Or the surfing area at Norddorfer Strand - the specialists from the Amrum surf and sailing school make sure that everyone has fun and good material there. Looking for an alternative way to do sports? The 1875 built Amrum lighthouse has a viewing platform from which, in good weather, you can see as far as Helgoland. The price for this beautiful view: 295 steps ... Even a little older than the lighthouse is the Old mill in Nebel, built in 1770 and today popular especially with wedding couples who get married in the small museum opened in 1964. Amrum's official museum of local history, however, is the "Öömrang Hüs" , an exceedingly chic Frisian house also built in Nebel around 1750. If you want to get to know "The adventurous story of the Amrum captain Hark Nickelsen", this is exactly the right place. Whereby - that is somehow true for the whole of Amrum. 



At first glance, there are no palm trees to be seen when arriving by ferry, but otherwise you understand the island's nickname: Föhr, which is only 82 square kilometers in size, is popularly known as the Frisian Caribbean designated. Presumably, the mild Gulf Stream climate and the white sandy beach are responsible for this. And, of course, the maritime spirit of the common islander: "Rubber boots instead of Gucci, that's enough here on the dike," a rapper texts to atmospheric Föhr impressions entitled "Sehnsucht," shown as a video on the island's tourism page, or also: "Collar up, head free, everything's good." Indeed, Föhr is an island for active vacationers: more than 200 kilometers of designated bike paths can be explored here, and those who want to rent their bike on the island have exactly 19 (!) opportunities to do so. And so that one does not float haphazardly over the island, the Föhrer colleagues prepared already times five topic routes, which should meet all different needs of the visitors: On the "Eilun" tour, which is the longest at 42 kilometers, it goes once around the island, historians will appreciate the "Föhrer Zeitzeugen" tour, "Klaar Kimming" makes in nature, the "Kunstweg" - surprise - in art and with the "Schlemmerpartie" you should be careful that it does not come to a calorie surplus during this bike tour ... Other attractions on Föhr are certainly the three island churches from the 12th and 13th century and the two museums of the island, the "Museum "West Coast Art" as well as the Dr.-Carl-Häberlin-Friesen-Museum in Wyk. (The man was a doctor and naturalist, born in India, died on Wyk/Föhr ...). Museums, churches, bike paths - so far, so good. But the really surprising sights are undoubtedly the Planet Trail, which covers 11 kilometers between Wyk and Utersum and provides interesting information about our solar system, including geo-caching. And of course Hinrichsen's family farmwhere you can probably get the best organic burger in northern Germany, where the Husum protest pig lives and where, applause, applause, you brew (and taste) the Föhrer Inselwhisky in the farm's own distillery. Mandatory appointment! 

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It takes just two hours to get from Hamburg to Pellworm. Why does Pellworm nevertheless fly a little under the radar? Quite simple: because the third largest of the North Frisian Islands rather calls for relaxation and attracts the appropriate minds; people who are at home in nature, who love the mudflats and the quiet walks in the Wadden Sea. Pellworm does not take the hearts of its visitors by storm, but with the tranquility that is known to be always from What Pellworm doesn't have is a sandy beach. So seaside vacationers will rarely stray here. But Pellworm does have an eight-meter-high dike that goes once around the island - and with it a chic circular bicycle path that plays into the cards of active cyclists. In terms of classic sights, the most likely place to visit would be the Old Church of St. Salvator, a Romanesque church built in the twelfth century (guided tours every Wednesday at 10 a.m. between May and October). The Pellworms Lighthouse is also a popular stop for tourists - there, lighthouse keepers wait for inclined visitors to tell them a story or two about Pellworm. At a height of 37 meters there is a viewing platform, 140 steps have to be climbed. A few steps more you have to invest to go with the island letter carrier Knut Knutsen (it's really his name!) a barefoot tour in the Wadden Sea on the Hallig Süderoog to undertake. Twice a week, he sets out on his unusual journey by mail. 

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North Beach

If you ask a native of North Beach whether he considers himself more of an islander or a mainlander, you will almost certainly only get a surprised look. The answer will be clear: As an islander, of course. The causeway that connects Nordstrand with the mainland and docks the "green heart of the Wadden Sea" to Husum does nothing to change this. Nordstrand is known for its good air and therefore officially operates as a North Sea spa. And you are also in the fresh air if you take advantage of one of the most unusual leisure activities offered on Nordstrand: With the Carriage goes through the Wadden Sea to the Hallig Südfallinhabited by exactly two people. Two! If you want to get your own fresh fish from the North Sea during your vacation, you can do it at the Holmer Siel or in the fishing pond in the Nordstrand spa center, or you can shoot with an air rifle at the shooting guild. These - and other - leisure activities are offered to their guests by the hardy people of Nordstrand under the heading "for real guys" an ... And for Schietwetter one has in Nordstrand even a Dr. Lux Escape Room where brainteasers with agent DNA can try their hand. Last tip, which fits wonderfully with this curious island: At the harbor of Strucklahnungshörn - an important spot in the tourist life of Nordstrand - exactly a snack bar. In search of a lurid name, he found it the Frisian way: Fish roll is written laconically above the store. You simply have to celebrate Nordstrand for that.

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For two years now, there has been a fine way to get to know all of Sylt in a single day - but only for people who dare to do something: At Megamarsch Sylt is to walk around the entire island within 24 hours - which would be almost exactly 100 kilometers at a stretch. Those who take this risk will discover the hard way how varied and diverse the best-known North Frisian island presents itself to its visitors. Perhaps you will experience people on horseback in the magnificent nature reserve of Braderup Heath, will see convertible drivers in the Sylt noble village of Kampen in the Whiskey mile at the Strönwei in their natural habitat or observe the Natural Paradise Rantum Basin the 576-hectare brackish water lake southeast of Westerland and a breeding and resting place for tens of thousands of birds. It is also possible that you will end up in the Kampen copper potwhere, behind blooming rhododendrons, you can enjoy a view of massive thatched-roof villas and the Wadden Sea, with the island's best sheet cake in front of you on your plate. Or you can make it to the southern end of the island to Hörnum, where with the Budersand not only the chicest and hippest hotel on the island beckons, but also the best chef on the island, Felix Gabel at Kai 3. In the Hörnum basin, the grey seal Sylta is waiting for visitors to take pity on her and throw her a few herrings into the water - she is still alive after the death of her famous colleague. Willi probably the most prominent seal on the North Sea. All this and much more can be experienced in a single day on Sylt, this very special island, which has always been a magnet for VIPs and their fans from all over the world. As Germany's most elegant playboy Gunter Sachs said, "I always feel like a monkey in a zoo in Sylt - but with lovely visitors." 

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Lonely Srandschniit on Föhr © Adobestock/helmutvogler

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