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About 60 km from the German mainland, a huge red sandstone rock juts 61 meters out of the North Sea. Surrounded by thousands of seabirds, you can watch seals and grey seals up close, shop duty-free between traditional lobster stalls and enjoy unique sunsets. Welcome to Helgoland!


The 4.2 km2 large North Sea island with its side island, called Dune, has about 1300 inhabitants. The biggest sights are Lange Anna, a 47-meter-high freestanding rock, and Lummenfelsen, populated by thousands of sea birds.

Long Anna, lobster pens and grey seals

The island is divided into a flat, a middle and a high area, also called "Unterland", "Mittelland" and "Oberland". An elevator connects the Oberland and Unterland, but you can also climb stairs. The best way to explore Helgoland is to take a round trip. Either with the Börte-Bahn through the Oberland and Unterland along all the island's hot spots worth seeing or during a leisurely tour with one of the Börte boats from the seaside. Highlights include Lange Anna, a 47-meter-high red sandstone surf pier in the northwest on which numerous seabirds breed, the colorfully painted lobster shacks at the inland harbor, and numerous harbor seals and grey seals on the north and south beaches.

The North Sea around Helgoland is one of the cleanest waters in Europe. The fauna and flora on and around Helgoland are correspondingly rich in species. In summer, many seabirds breed in the guillemot rock, in autumn thousands of songbirds use the island as a resting place, and in spring hundreds of grey seals come to Helgoland to change their coats. The best conditions for observing unique natural spectacles at close range.

Museum, swimming pool, shopping - what to do on Helgoland

Colorfully painted replicas faithful to the original of the Helgoland lobster stalls and a classic red and white lighthouse form the forecourt of the Museum Helgoland. In the main building everything revolves around the most important topics and events of the island's history. Exhibitions and information events are held at regular intervals. If the water of the North Sea is too fresh for you or the weather is not quite so cooperative, a visit to the island swimming pool "mare frisicum - SPA HELGOLAND" is a good idea. The facilities include various seawater pools, an indoor pool with a bubbling geyser and a large sauna area. Themed sauna nights are also offered on selected dates.

Fashion, fine jewelry or high-quality whiskey - you should not miss a shopping tour on Helgoland. Strolling through the numerous small stores is simply fun. Thanks to its special location, you can shop on Helgoland not only duty-free, but also without VAT. Especially with somewhat unusual products, you can definitely make a bargain or two here.

Heligoland dune - the little sister island

Since the destruction of the natural land connection due to a storm tide in 1720, the small neighboring island can only be reached by ferry. Two beautiful and never crowded beaches await you there. Walks around the dune are one of the highlights of a Helgoland vacation all year round. Here you can wonderfully search for shells and amber, enjoy the unique flora and fauna and observe grey seals and harbor seals in their natural habitat. The animals have become so accustomed to humans that you can come within 30 meters of them. On the beach island you will also find a small airfield, the dune harbor as well as the lighthouse Helgoland-Düne. There are also some accommodations and a radio station.

Cover photo: Welcome to Helgoland - Germany's only high sea island © haiderose - stock.adobe.com

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