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The Hanseatic Gang (Magazine & Instagram) is a young digital magazine from northern Germany that finds its topics between the coastlines that surround its editors. Where land and sea collide on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, the eleven-strong crew discovers places worth seeing and meets exciting people, experiences unique events and enjoys culinary delights.

With our bullis, canoes, kites and bikes we rediscover small insider tip regions, underestimated natural sites and the good old classics of the north. We share our personal highlights with you here: Put on your hiking boots, pack your swimwear and your cozy blanket. It's going to be varied!


Voracious sea - the Brodtener steep bank at the Lübeck Bay

With its approximately four kilometer long Steilküste, the Brodtener Steilufer on the Bay of Lübeck is an exceptional excursion destination for all those who love the sea. Over the course of thousands of years, the Baltic Sea has eaten its way into the cliffs through wind and waves. At the edge of the shore, the abyss is correspondingly deep: at its highest point, it measures almost 20 meters. Large parts of the Brodtener Steilufer belong to the European bird sanctuary and are under nature protection. The upper hiking trail takes you from Travemünde to Niendorf with a fantastic view of the Lübeck Bay. You will be on your way for about an hour, always walking along the steep shore edge - through small woods, past fields and meadows. There is also a path below the cliff, which is beautifully wild, stony and natural. No matter which one you choose: A steep staircase that connects the upper with the lower cliff is located about a kilometer before the district of Niendorf/Timmendorfer Strand. Have fun discovering!


Kitesurf'n'sun - Zingst, that can be something!

Already when turning the bulli The first tanned barefoot runners approach the campsite on the Baltic Sea: a beach volleyball tucked under the arm, the kites strapped to the back. A potpourri of dialects resounds cheerfully across the site, and at the adjacent surf bar with live music, people are already casually toasting each other at lunchtime. The small campsite in Zingst, northern Mecklenburg, thrives on the hang-loose mentality and the surfer cult - not least because it is located directly on the sports beach. Bulli and kitesurfing enthusiasts are among themselves here and exchange tips on the many kite spots located in the immediate vicinity. The nearby Bodden area around Saal, for example, offers the perfect conditions for almost all skill and wind levels. The beach volleyball courts on the extensive beach, the nearby National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft and Zingster Osterwald round off the complete package: Zingst, that can do something.

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North Shore 2.0 - the magical north coast of Rügen

Crystal clear water, blue-turquoise coloring, finest white sandy beach. No, we're not talking about a trip to the Caribbean - but about the magical north coast of Rügen. Germany's largest island by far has real dream beaches to offer in addition to large forests and Bodden waters. The one or other descent over steep wooden stairs brings you to little paradises and makes you forget for a moment that you are not standing on the northern beach of Oahu. If you are looking for a natural and undeveloped coast, you will get your money's worth here. Especially the quietness and the picturesque view are convincing. The nearby nature campsites and pitches in Wiek or Dranske offer good overnight accommodations in this quiet section of Rügen. A special highlight: Thanks to the sparse population, a breathtaking starry sky can be seen here on clear nights.

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The Bille and its valleys

The Bille is an underestimated natural jewel. Numerous Hamburg residents commute weekly to the nearby Sachsenwald forest to use the meandering body of water as a soothing haven of tranquility. The vastness and variety of marked hiking trails around the river guarantee relaxing walks at any time of the year. Depending on your level and leisure, you can easily adjust the length of your route. On wonderfully long walks, enchanted forest areas alternate with green meadows and hidden rest spots. Numerous clearings invite you to picnic and rest. Here and there, ambitious canoeists can be discovered among a splendid variety of birds, or wild swings make the adventurer's heart beat faster.


A night on the pier in Großenbrode

At least as exciting like an adventurous hike, spectacular water tour or action-packed discovery trip is... sleep! The sleepero concept proves that this can also be done in exciting places. For example, you can spend the night in a sleeping cube at the top of the 280-meter-long pier in Großenbrode. Under the one or other curious view you refer for it with a well equipped food box your chamber for the night. After the last anglers have retrieved their rods in the evening hours, you have the pier all to yourself - and can enjoy the clear starry sky in peace and quiet. To fall asleep you listen to the seagulls and the sound of the Baltic Sea. Wind gusts of up to 25 knots can sometimes give you the feeling of sailing through the waves with the Cube on the high seas. Happy dreaming!

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Once around the island of Föhr on foot

Those who like challenges, will love this concept: the circumnavigation of an entire island in the form of a challenging day hike. The North Frisian island of Föhr is almost perfect for this. Even the ferry crossing at sunrise is a treat in itself. The hike itself takes you along the promenade in Wyk, always along the beach and into the mudflats. Lots of sheep will join you along the way and marvel at the rough nature and green dikes, as well as the incomparable view of Amrum and Sylt. At the end of the ambitious challenge you have about 38 km on the clock - and an incomparable feeling of tranquility.

Cover picture: So beautifully is the north - the Hanseatenbande calls its personal highlights © mmphotographie.de - stock.adobe.com

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