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Spending dreamy days in Saxony is a piece of cake. The country is diverse and breathtakingly beautiful. And even when it comes to nights, there are numerous highlights that want to be explored. Have you always wanted to spend the night like a princess or prince in a fairy tale? Or wake up in the treetops? Then we have the best overnight tips for you.


Architecture needs to be experienced - and the best way to do that is to take a close look at the walls at any time of day and experience them with all the peace and quiet you can muster. Saxony has some remarkable design buildings that promise guests a special overnight stay.


The Schminke House in Loebau

The house of Schminke is a true icon: Built in 1933 by Hans Scharoun for the Schminke family of noodle manufacturers, it is today considered a jewel of international architecture. A symbiosis of extravagance and functionality. The building stretches long, organic curves embed it in its surroundings. The mighty chimney, exterior staircases and portholes evoke associations: The Schminke House looks like a modern ship in picture-perfect natural surroundings. No wonder that today it is often referred to as a noodle steamer.

The house is visited by people from all over the world, but to experience it in all its glory, overnight stays are also offered. While house makeup during the day is permeated by sunlight, towards evening comes a special mood: The rooms are immersed in the colors of dusk, a quiet warm ambience returns. Ideal conditions for a restful night.

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The master rooms of the Leipzig cotton mill

Attention individualists: On the site of the former Leipzig cotton spinning mill are the Apartments master roomthat want to enchant you with their industrial charm. Large factory windows, high ceilings, restored furniture from bygone production times, lots of free space - there's a special energy here that inspires and invites you to relax at the same time. And anyone leaving the apartments will find themselves in a creative neighborhood. In the former spinning mill, studios, galleries and stores are lined up next to each other, and there is a cinema and a theater. A creative total package.

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The design hotel Laurichhof in Pirna

Speaking of individual, this designation can also be the Design hotel Laurichhof in Pirna near the popular Saxon Switzerland. There are rooms for every taste: The 27 dream suites are originally designed, some are romantic, others are fancy and also classic. There's also a cozy restaurant and a relaxing spa area. The hotel has fully committed itself to design and was awarded the German Design Award for it. By the way, if you fall in love with the furniture in the rooms, you can buy it there and have it delivered to your own home.

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Close to nature

If you want to live in harmony with nature on vacation, Saxony is the place to be. Here you can find accommodations that promise quiet nights and dreamlike views after opening your eyes.


Tree houses on the island of culture - The secret world of Turisede

Sleeping in treetops - if that doesn't sound tempting. A dream that can come true on the island of culture near Görlitz. In the secret world of Turisede you will find over 200 adventurous accommodations - from luxurious tree house hotels to individual treetop huts deep into the earth. An unusual and alternative place that exudes a special attitude to life. And one thing is certain: You are guaranteed to be the first in the country to be kissed awake by the sun. The Kulturinsel is located on the easternmost point of Germany.


Bio- and National Park Refuge Schmilka in Saxon Switzerland

Immerse yourself in another world - that is in Schmilka - in the refuge possible. The old village center of Bad Schandau has been transformed into a small microcosm where everything revolves around sustainability, regionality and coziness. The accommodations are lovingly designed and environmentally conscious, in the village there are numerous own organic manufactories, a bathhouse and a natural healing practice for treatments, massages and baths. Recharge your batteries, take care of your health and enjoy yourself. The location is ideal, in the middle of Saxon Switzerland, numerous hiking routes start and end here - and it is guaranteed not to be boring. Readings are held regularly in Schmilka, music is played, interested people take part in rituals. A holistic concept.

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The sea containers of the Bergheim Containerloft Schöneck

At the navel of time and totally in love with detail are the Sea container in Schöneck. They were designed in the style of the trendy Tiny Houses and exude a unique ambience. Situated on the ski slope and Bike World Schöneck, you have an incomparable view of the Vogtland to the Thuringian Forest and the Czech Republic. On 12 square meters everything is available, even more. The containers are perfectly equipped technically, many smart elements, such as a keyless entry and an iPad station, know how to convince. But this comfort is by no means at the expense of our planet: Sustainability is writ large, everything is designed to consume as few resources as possible, many materials are recycled. The Seecontainer is justifiably one of the most unique vacation resorts in Germany.


The Hotel "Island of the Senses

The hotel "Island of the Senses" is a lovingly designed SPA hotel with a focus on naturalness. Located directly on the Berzdorfer See lake at the gates of Görlitz in Upper Lusatia in eastern Saxony, some of the rooms even have direct access to the water. Here you can let yourself go and do something good for your body and mind. Yoga classes, healthy food, and rooms that incorporate natural elements will have you relaxing in no time. Alternatively, you can take a city trip to Görlitz, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

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Saxony is dotted with magnificent stately buildings. Many are only open to day visitors, others open their doors to overnight guests.


The pond houses of Moritzburg Castle

Near Dresden, Duke Moritz once had built a hunting lodge, which today is one of the most beautiful moated castles in Saxony. Moritzburg Castle is a Baroque jewel surrounded by a magnificent pond and park. A fairy-tale sight: The former pleasure palace of Augustus the Strong is located on a small island, surrounded by ponds in which the estate is sparklingly reflected. And this island is in turn surrounded by five pond houses - smaller, but thus far from ordinary. They belong to the castle and are now offered as vacation accommodation. A place to feel like a princess or prince and dream of glittering baroque festivities.

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Vacation homes in the Pillnitz Palace complex

At Pillnitz Palace it is possible to live in a royal ambience. The magnificent building is in a fabulous location: on the eastern edge of the city, directly on the Elbe, rises the stately palace. Those who wish can even spend the night here. The two cottages on the grounds of the palace complex, where the palace trumpeter and palace porter once lived, now serve as a Apartments.

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Vacation apartment at Königstein Fortress

Königstein Fortress counts is one of the most important sights of Saxony. Many people from all over the world come here every day to admire the majestic architecture - and to enjoy the view from the fortress. After all, Königstein is 247 meters above the Elbe River and is also located on the Malerweg, one of the most popular hiking routes in Germany. Nature is magnificent. In the evening, when the gates close for tourists, a very special atmosphere arises: It becomes quiet, the surroundings are bathed in the warm light of twilight. Guests can enjoy these special hours at the two apartments at Königstein Fortress. You live where the fountain master once lived and can get to know the fortress in a new unknown way: walking alone over the fortress walls, looking for a place to linger and enjoying the tranquility of the stately surroundings.

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Saxony has a centuries-old winemaking tradition of which the state is very proud. It is all the more beautiful to get to know this part of history at the place where it happened.


Organic Winery Hoflößnitz

The wine is followed by rest, already knew Ovid. And so it is obvious to create an accommodation on the popular Lößnitz slopes to make the pleasure perfect. Here, in the heart of Radebeul, the 600-year-old winegrowing tradition can be experienced. The vines sun themselves on the slope, the Manor house Hoflößnitz tells the history of the region as a wine museum, the wine tavern invites you to linger - and below the historic ensemble, in the midst of the vineyards, there is a 300-year-old winegrower's house that now accommodates guests. Two apartments and four double rooms with tasteful furnishings offer the ideal conditions to enjoy the vacation to the fullest and test new wines. The vinotheque offers a wide range of wines and sparkling wines, which can be tasted on the terrace overlooking the vineyards.


Wellness Hotel Golden Barrel in Meissen

Guests can feel completely at home in the Golden Barrel. The former winegrowers' farm with its almost 300-year-old buildings has developed over the years into a luxurious four-star hotel developed, in which really no wishes remain open. Many of the rooms have their own sauna and whirlpool - wellness in a class of its own. The cozy courtyard garden connects the different houses of the farm.

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Cover photo: Haus Schminke is one of the most important houses of classical modernism in the world © Ralf Ganter

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High culture, great landscapes like the Ore Mountains or the Saxon Switzerland, great cities like Dresden and Leipzig are just a few of the many good reasons for a Vacation in Saxony.


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