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Water and air, vitalizing moor, minerals and herbs: nature is full of healing power. Many natural healing methods have been known for a long time; some others are currently experiencing their renaissance. In the Saxon health resorts, many treasures of nature unfold their healing effects, and the guest has the choice between a variety of soothing and vitalizing treatments.

What may it be: Wholesome relaxation in a brine or thermal bath? A stimulating radon therapy? Care for skin and body in an application with natural mud? Or perhaps you prefer the traditional Kneipp cure? Saxony's spa resorts offer all this and more in the most beautiful surroundings.

By the way: Even taking a deep breath is good for your health in Saxony - many places here are recognized climatic health resorts. So the simplest tip for healing moments on vacation is to pause more often, close your eyes and enjoy every breath.


O "Sole" mio: Salty, healing and relaxing

Brine - what is it actually? The word goes back to the late Middle High German "sol" for "salt broth". Brine is therefore an aqueous solution of salts in a certain concentration. Natural brine deposits are of medicinal value: The saline spring water is considered a natural fountain of youth that can activate the body and boost the immune system. A brine bath also loosens the entire musculature, supports deep relaxation and reduces stress hormones. In short: an experience for all the senses!

In Bad Muskau not far from the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Muskauer Park a thermal brine spring was brought to light in 2000 at a depth of 1,600 m with an outlet temperature of 44° C and a 24 percent salt content. Today, the healing water there is used for spa and wellness treatments - which are intended to provide relief from physical ailments and bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

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Also the idyllic Spa Bad Elster in the border triangle offers a brine spa, which is fed from a 1,200 m deep reservoir in the Elster Valley: an ice-age primordial sea, which is unique in its composition and free from any environmental influences and thus a true "treasure" for health-promoting treatments. Three brine pools with exceptionally high concentrations of the pleasantly warm brine water promise relaxation. A special experience is the weightless floating in the salt lake or in the light and sound bath in combination with the valuable components of the thermal brine. Sounds tempting? Let's go!

Overnight tips:
The Bad Muskauer four-star "Kulturhotel Prince Pückler Park" uses the brine-containing healing water for spa and wellness treatments. Here body, mind and soul can be pampered and physical problems can be treated.
And in the Four-star superior Hotel King Albert in Bad Elster, guests can walk directly via a bathrobe walkway to the brine spa next door. In the summer months, those seeking relaxation can enjoy additional offers of mindfulness training, yoga or QiGong in the midst of the royal parks surrounding the hotel.

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Soothingly warm: thermal water

Hot water has always stood for relaxation and well-being. And natural, warm springs have always exerted a special fascination on people.

Far back also goes the history of the spa Warm bath. It was probably miners who, while prospecting for silver ores at the end of the 14th century, stumbled upon another treasure of nature: the water bubbling out of the earth at 26.5 degrees Celsius! Word quickly spread about the health-promoting effects of the mineral-rich thermal water, and the spring developed into a place of pilgrimage and even a princely spa. Today, in the spa and health center, you can find relaxation and recovery in the 32 to 34 degree warm medicinal water pools. Not only that: a spacious sauna area, the enjoyment of the healing water in the drinking pavilion and, last but not least, the wonderful nature of the Ore Mountains also ensure an all-round healing stay.

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Another thermal site is located in Thermal bath Wiesenbad - the Georgsquelle springs here, a state-approved fluoride-containing medicinal spring for drinking and bathing cures. The attractive spa park with sound island and spa pavilion is an oasis of relaxation - but also at the same time the starting point for a comprehensive network of cycling, hiking and Nordic walking trails, which has a suitable route for every requirement.

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Also in the Thermal spa Bad Lausick, a traditional spa with over 200 years of history, thermal water is extracted from a depth of 1,300 m and in the spa and leisure pool RIFF it is available to spa guests, health tourists and wellness lovers for bathing pleasure as well as at the drinking fountain for healing...

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Overnight tips:
The four-star First Class Hotel and Health Resort Sante Royale in Warmbad combines - via a bathrobe corridor - the luxury of a four-star hotel with the spacious bathing and sauna area of the Silber-Therme.
The barrier-free Miriquidi Health Center with rehabilitation clinic, thermal bath, thermal herbal center, Wandelhalle and Kurhaus is the address in the Ore Mountains for rehabilitation, prevention, health vacations and medical wellness. Whether therapeutic fasting or thermal week - here everyone finds a suitable offer for his individual wishes. 
To perfectly round off a relaxing stay, the modern Three star Riff Resort Bad Lausick at your disposal. Via the light-flooded bathrobe corridor you can quickly and independently of the weather enter the feel-good world of the Spa and leisure pool RIFF.


Radon: Renaissance of a remedy

The healing power of nature does not only come in liquid form. Radon is a valuable noble gas that is used as a natural remedy and was used therapeutically more than 100 years ago. It causes an activation of the metabolism. As a result, inflammations can be inhibited and the body's own repair mechanisms can be stimulated. Radon treatments can therefore, for example, alleviate complaints of inflammatory and rheumatic diseases.

With the Wettinquelle owns the state recognized Mineral spa Bad Brambach the strongest radon source in the world. The new building of the "Wettinhaus" (opening in summer 2021) is the centerpiece for radon treatments. The traditional radon carbonic acid full baths are supplemented by a drinking therapy from the Wettin spring as well as new applications such as radon inhalations, a cold-heat therapy, physiotherapy, but also Kneipp, movement and relaxation applications.

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Radon treatments also offers the Spa in Bad Schlema an. The combination of nature experience and health-promoting treatments is interesting here: The spa is located in the scenic Ore Mountains; well-developed hiking trails and an 18-hectare spa park invite visitors to explore and enjoy. In addition to the radon spa, the range of services offered also includes a wellness and sauna area and a Dead Sea salt cave.

Overnight tips:
At Spa hotel Bad Schlema, located directly at the spa park, the health center, a large sauna and training area and lots of arrangements ensure the perfect health vacation.
Via a bathrobe corridor, guests of the luxurious Four-star hotels Santé Royale - Hotel and Health Resort Bad Brambach**** on a comfortable way the bathing and sauna area of the Saxon State Baths. 

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Moor - so much more than "muddy"!

What actually makes moor so effective as a remedy? It is the concentrated power of plants: The brown-black substrate is formed when blossoms, leaves and seeds are discarded with most of the air excluded. During this process, the mineral and organic compounds of the plants are preserved. Thus, after an astonishingly long time, silicic acid, trace elements and other valuable active ingredients can still have a healing, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect. In cosmetics, the cleansing and soothing effect on the skin is appreciated. Those who appreciate the healing effect of mud applications will find in the Düben Heath Nature Park happy. In the spa town mud spa Bad Düben works with high-quality natural moor, which is processed on site with a modern facility. Guests can experience moor with all their senses in the fresh air on the adjacent moor experience path. There you can learn all kinds of interesting facts about the formation, extraction and treatment of peatlands. At the moor treading pool the motto is: Show your feet - and then get in! Afterwards, everything is cleaned up again under the swan pump.

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Known for healing mud baths by the way is also Bad Muskau, where visitors can relax all year round during quiet walks, guided hikes, active Nordic walking or cycling tours amidst picturesque scenery.

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Thanks to its long-lasting heat storage capabilityt and the many healthy natural components, the naturally occurring moor is one of the most valuable remedies of Bad Elster. It is used in the form of packs (warm or cold) and baths, especially to support the musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, arthritis, injuries). But also in gynecology the plant hormones of the moor are an extremely effective natural remedy.

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Overnight tips:
The luxurious Four-star superior HEIDE SPA Hotel & Resort in Bad Düben is not only convincing with its bathing and wellness landscape, but also forms an ideal starting point for excursions to the nearby Dübener Heide Nature Park and the cities of Leipzig and Wittenberg. 
The Four-star cultural hotel Fürst Pückler Park is located right next to the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Muskauer Park.


Close to nature and holistic: Classic "kneipping

The Kneipp therapy is one of the best-known methods of naturopathy. Named after its inventor Sebastian Anton Kneipp, the treatments focus on the healing effects of water. But the Kneipp cure program also includes active plant substances as well as exercise and dietary recommendations.

The oldest Kneipp spa in the Free State is located in Saxon Switzerland. In Bad Schandau a spa in the spirit of his natural way of life and healing was already established during Kneipp's lifetime. A little further south, on the edge of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, is the dual health resort of Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel. Where Saxon Switzerland meets the Osterzgebirge mountains, health is promoted around the romantic Gottleuba Valley - among other things with treatments according to Sebastian Kneipp. Active health vacationers can expect in Bad Lausick a picturesque spa park with Kneipp treading pool and a fitness trail.

Overnight tips:
Relaxation with a view: In the Aurorabad of the five-star Hotel at the spa ELBRESIDENZ in Bad Schandau guests relax above the rooftops of Saxon Switzerland and from the rooms you have a clear view of the Elbe.

By train comfortably and without traffic jams to Bad Schandau: Plan arrival.

Do something good for your health! The in-house wellness department of the Three star Riff Resort Bad Lausick offers Kneipp treatments in addition to classic massages and body wraps.

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Look far and breathe freely - that's what you can do in Oberwiesethal, for example, one of five climatic health resorts in Saxony © Katja Fouad Vollmer

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High culture, great landscapes like the Ore Mountains or the Saxon Switzerland, great cities like Dresden and Leipzig are just a few of the many good reasons for a Vacation in Saxony.


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