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In Saxony Family-friendly a matter of the heart. A full program for parents with children. You can go hiking and swimming, experience city trips and castle adventures, try out a new water sport or do some handicrafts yourself in small manufactories. We have summarized the best tips and ideas for you here:


Dresden: On a discovery tour in the urban jungle

Saxony's capital Dresden is the perfect urban jungle for families with curious children. There is something to explore everywhere here, boredom is out of the question. At German Hygiene Museum about you are engaged in the ADVENTURE HUMAN, and the Children's Museum is a place where children can sharpen all five senses anew.

Puzzlers have a lot of fun in the Adventure Land of the Dresden Technical Collections their fun - playfully guests approach mathematics, enter musical instruments, an oversized soap bubble and experiment at 100 other play and experiment stations. Another highlight for almost all children: The Museum of Transportwhere kids design their own boat, uncover secrets of flight and become train drivers themselves - wow!


Adventure in Upper Lusatia

Dinosaurs and volcanoes, swimming fun, tree houses and fabulous animal worlds - Upper Lusatia is full of contrasts and surprises. But first things first: Let's start in Kleinwelka, where more than 200 prehistoric giants have been brought to life. The Dinosaur Park is great fun for young and old. It is full of entertaining adventure stations and play worlds. 

For those who love water TRIXI Holiday Park Großschönau recommended. There, walrus Trixi is up to mischief in the forest beach pool with slide and diving tower. 

Would you like to spend the night in a tree house as a family? Then seize the opportunity and let yourselves on THE SECRET WORLD OF TURISEDE one. An overnight stay in the treetops, relaxing in the "Faulenzum" and going on an exploration tour through secret passages - all this is possible there. 

And last but not least would be the beautiful Nature Reserve Animal Park Görlitz-Zgorzelec in Upper Lusatia is a great destination. It will remain in the memory of people who like animals for a long time: Guests may brush goats, cuddle in the piglet bed or feed freshly hatched chicks. 


Leipzig: waters, thrills and a trip to the tropical forest

The scene metropolis Leipzig is also a lot of fun with children: How about a Canoe tourWhat's the best way to get an overview of the city? Yes, really, Leipzig is a delightful destination for water sports enthusiasts, with around 200 kilometers of waterways accessible on eight different courses. Particularly popular are paddling on the White Elster, sightseeing on city waters and tours to the beaches of the Leipzig Neuseenland. Tip: Row all the way to the nearby Lake Cospuden - here the kids can play on Saxony's longest beach. From the tower Bistumshöhe opens a fantastic view of the forest area Neue Harth and the AdventureReich BELANTIS - a great destination for young and old daredevils. 

Back in Leipzig, the Zoo another highlight. More than 850 animal species live in natural enclosures, breathtaking playgrounds want to be explored, and various facilities invite visitors to travel to far-flung regions of the world. A boat travels through the tropical Gondwanaland, bringing visitors closer to the flora and fauna of the tropical forest.


Vogtland: dragon cave and dreamlike panoramas

Anyone who goes on a voyage of discovery in the Vogtland will find something unusual - above and below ground. Crystal-clear lakes, unique clay formations and stalactites can be found in the Dragon cave Syrau the only show cave in Saxony. With living stables and barns offers the Open Air Museum Landwüst an authentic insight into the life of the Vogtland farmers. 

Fancy a hike? The quality hiking trail Vogtland Panorama Trail leads through beautiful nature. But that's not all: the highlight of the route is the Göltzschtal Bridge, the largest brick bridge in the world. Action also offers the Pöhl Dam not far from Plauen. The reservoir is a great destination for excursions with its diverse range of leisure activities. 


Bad Schandau: Fascination Elbe Sandstone

Welcome to the Saxon Switzerland with the wildly romantic, picturesque Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The region's bizarre rock formations captivate and raise questions. These are answered in the National ParkCenter Bad Schandau answered. Why did the sea suddenly become rock? How do you recognize the tracks of a lynx? This is of course the perfect preparation for a hike on the Lynx Trail. A ride with the nostalgic Kirnitzschtalbahn from Bad Schandau to the Lichtenhain waterfall makes the day trip complete. 


Hiking happiness in the Ore Mountains

Tours on foot are only for adults? Certainly not in the Ore Mountains. Several short, exciting routes also hold Young hikers in good spirits. For example the Planetary walk between Ehrenfriedersdorf and Drebach - the cosmic home of the Ore Mountains. The Dörfelbach adventure tour in Olbernhau is perfect for big and small visitors who want to learn about the surrounding nature. On the Forest Spirit Trail in Ehrenfriedersdorf, on the other hand, hiking enthusiasts make the acquaintance of funny wooden figures - despite the name, however, there is certainly no spooky atmosphere here. The forest spirits are rather likeable fellows, carved from wood and lovingly painted. Their names will certainly put a smile on your face! Also Wurzelrudi's fairy tale circuit in Eibenstock is very popular. 


Summer, sun, swimming fun in Saxony

Saxony may not have a sea, but it has so many great adventure pools and lakes that there is really nothing missing. Numerous outdoor pools open during the warm season and promise plenty of variety and relaxation thanks to beautiful sunbathing lawns and diving towers. 

But refreshing are also the reservoirs, the Lusatian Lakeland or the Leipzig New Lake District with crystal clear water amidst green hills. And adventure seekers plunge into the Canoe Park Markkleeberg into the wild water!


Playfully explore Saxony

What do children like to do most? Sure: playing. In Saxony, there are many places where children can let off steam, romp around and quench their thirst for knowledge. The Children's play world Stockhausen in Olbernhau, for example, awaits kids with unusual play areas and action zones. Because of its fairy tale days, ghost meetings, treasure hunts and much more, the Scharfenstein castle is rightly called a family castle. Situated high above the Zschopau valley on a mountain spur, it invites you to experience, marvel, play and discover. 

Speaking of treasure hunts: Why don't you go on one in the Saxon Mining Museum in Oelsnitz on the search for the "black diamonds". Here, on the edge of the Ore Mountains, the history of hard coal can be experienced in a multifaceted and authentic way. Not to be forgotten is also the Toy museum in SeiffenThere you can see thousands of Christmas exhibits and historical toys - a wonderland especially for little people.


Handicrafts and crafts for Christmas

Do you want to look forward to the most beautiful time of the year while on vacation? Saxony offers more than enough reason to do so. There are many places there where Christmas crafts can be done all year round. For example in the Show workshop "Zum Weihrichkarzl in Neudorf or in the Smoked candle country in Crottendorf. Here the whole family can practice making the popular incense candles.

Creativity and dexterity are also important in the Wendt & Kühn world in Grünhainichen: Here you can virtually design an eleven-point angel. To complete the decoration for Christmas, one station is still missing: the Herrnhut star manufactory. In the world of discovery, families can make their own Advent star. With all the new skills and the designed decorations in your luggage, you will surely look forward to the reflective days in December at the end of this vacation. 

Cover picture: Fotopoint in Eibenstock © Thomas Schlorke

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