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No one said it would be easy: should you start your summer holiday on the Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein right away with the Lübeck culture, with the maritime Kiel Fjord, the long beaches between Hohwachter Bucht and Laboe? And then there is also the Timmendorfer Beach

People like to say that Timmendorfer Strand is the "bathtub of Hamburg" and Travemünde is a suburb of Lübeck. Both of which are true in a way, but still point in the wrong direction: The famous beach is just as much an attractive destination as the noble seaside resort. Timmendorfer Strand alone because its car-free promenade is appreciated as a lively meeting place with a view of the Baltic Sea. The wide sandy beach in Timmendorf is less suitable for lovers of secluded and rather quiet water pleasures, but for such purposes the smaller resorts of Niendorf and Hemmelsdorf are only a few kilometers away.

By the way, this is a phenomenon on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic coast: Worthwhile destinations are strung together here like pearls on a necklace: Kiel, for example, with the world-famous Kiel Week for sailors, the marzipan city of Lübeck with its brick Gothic Old Town, which has long been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Small harbors and many chic mansions can be found in the Hohwachter Bucht between Kiel and Fehmarn, curious themed beaches and spacious promenades determine the atmosphere in the Baltic Sea resort of Scharbeutz.

There is not enough space to list all the places that would be worth a visit: Heiligenhafen with its striking pier, also Eckernförde with its original art sculptures on the beach. So where to go first? Well, nobody said it was easy. But we do have one tip for people who don't want to decide: Take the Baltic Coast Cycle Route. It may be 1000 kilometers long, but you'll get to experience the Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein in all its glory.

By the way, you can find tips on how to travel comfortably and inexpensively on long-distance and local trains with Deutsche Bahn here.

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