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The region around the Moselle is considered Germany's oldest wine region - it is one of the classic wine-growing regions of Europe. Nearly 3,000 wineries are located in the region. Thanks to the steep slopes along the river valleys and the nutrient-rich slate soils, excellent wines are produced here.

"When the vines blossom again, the wine stirs in the cup; when the roses glow again, I don't know what will happen to me". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a self-confessed gourmet and nature lover, already knew about the magic of blooming vineyards. Especially in autumn and in the pre-Christmas season, a trip to the Moselle becomes a sensual experience of nature. Culinary enjoyment and nature experience then merge with each other: We introduce you to five special wine experiences on the Moselle.


Fantastic autumn and winter hikes

Until November, the Moselle vineyards and terraces glow in golden yellow hues - the perfect backdrop for hiking tours. Over a total of 365 kilometers, the Moselsteig combines fantastic natural experiences and cultural highlights. The total of 24 stages can be combined with circular routes on which sights such as Roman relics, castles and old wayside crosses can be experienced. One of the most spectacular views is from the Zummethöhe. The 15-kilometer "Moselachter" route also starts there. The hike leads through vineyards, past slate caves and offers repeated opportunities to rest with wide views of the Eifel and the Hunsrück.

TipThe culinary hiking tours in the golden Moselle autumn are a highlight. As part of the event "Die Wünschelrouten" hikers can experience the Moselachter as a gourmet tour from October 29 to 31 - including wine, finger food and a three-course menu with accompanying wines. You can find more information here.


Culinary voyages of discovery

The Moselle region is not only known for its excellent wines, but also for its specialty cuisine, which has been influenced by Mediterranean influences and the haute cuisine of neighboring France since Roman times. Traditionally, Riesling, Elbling, vineyard peach liqueur, pomace and Viez are not only served as typical accompaniments to food, but also belong in the meal: The noble drops refine soups, desserts, jams, dressings or sauces and give the dishes a refined flavor note. Another special feature of Moselle cuisine is the use of fresh ingredients from the region.

Tip: The most famous Moselle specialty is pomace meat - a tender, aromatic roast. In the young Moselle cuisine, the meat is marinated for days in a fine wine-pomace broth until it acquires its incomparable flavor. Each winery and restaurant maintains its very own secret recipe! More info you will find here.


Extraordinary city experiences

The landscape along the Moselle is simply enchanting - and you can visit charming wine towns: Saarburg, Trier, Bernkastel-Kues, Traben-Trarbach and Cochem, for example, invite you to stroll around and enjoy interesting city experiences. Thanks to winding cobblestone streets, gourmet restaurants, quaint wine taverns, well-preserved Roman monuments, old half-timbered houses and churches, it's relaxed and cozy there. Not a trace of the hustle and bustle of the city!

TipThe "Trier Underworlds" festival will celebrate its premiere in 2021. From October 29 to November 20, you can explore the exciting underground world of Trier. You can find more info here.


The most beautiful Christmas markets of the Moselle region

Winter fairy tale: When the season of Christmas markets begins in November, the already homey Moselle towns of Bernkastel-Kues, Trier, Koblenz, and Cochem shine in a sea of lights. Festively decorated city centers, rustic wooden houses, arts and crafts, crackling fireplaces and the scent of gingerbread and mulled wine create a cozy booth magic. The gastronomic offerings at the Christmas markets include regional delicacies such as Germknödel (yeast dumplings), Riesling stollen, spicy pastries, specialties made from red vineyard peaches and, of course, mulled wine. More information about the Christmas markets on the Moselle can be found at here.

Tip: Be sure to try the white mulled wine - it's a specialty of the Moselle!


Modern wine architecture and vinotheques

Cross-border wine experiences: The unique wine architecture project 'Via mosel' includes around 60 special wineries and 36 wine villages in Lorraine, Luxembourg, Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate. The association includes all those wineries and wine villages in the Moselle Valley that also stand out for their historic or contemporary architecture. In addition, you can expect expert tastings and information about wines, winegrowers and numerous accommodation offers in the cozy apartments and guest houses of the wineries. The wine and architecture tours are ideal for all those who want to combine the pleasure of extraordinary cellar treasures and special architecture and enjoy with all senses.

TipWhether autumn walks, guided tours of the area or concerts - exciting events also take place regularly as part of the 'Via mosel' project. You can find more info here.

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Cover photo: The Grevenburg ruins tower over the Moselle near Traben-Trarbach © Dominik Ketz

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