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What do you do when you have huge forests and lovely landscapes and the most famous sons of the region are legendary storytellers? You combine both and create a hiker's paradise with mysterious themed routes.

The fairy tales and myths of the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are omnipresent in the enchanted forests of the Spessart. Thus, on the themed routes such as the Snow White Hiking Trail follow the footsteps of the beautiful daughter of the king or on the Birkenhain Street meet the legendary Spessart robbers ... Hiking is the supreme discipline in the Spessart and the premium hiking trail Spessart Arc - awarded the "German Hiker's Seal" - probably the best-known trail in the entire area, a low mountain range between Vogelsberg, Rhön and Odenwald. Over detailed designated nature trails and small paths meanders the Spessart Arc through hilly forest landscapes and picturesque meadow valleys, and that over 90 kilometers. Of course, every now and then the Spessart vacationer also finds his way out of the forest and into urban environments. Hanau, for example, is a worthwhile destination, but the fairy-tale brothers also prove to be omnipresent. Hanau, for example, calls itself the "Brothers Grimm" city and only in 2016 realized a wonderful sculpture trail with the "Hanauer Märchenpfad" (Hanau Fairy Tale Trail).

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