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It is hard to overlook the fact that Wiesbaden is one of the 10 wealthiest cities in Germany: Art Nouveau and elegant villas everywhere, plus well-kept parks and beautiful stores. Even the old Goethe liked it in the state capital.

By train to Wiesbaden: Plan arrival

"You can get the best knuckle in Wiesbaden at Weihenstephaner on Taunusstraße." Says Christie Dietz in her wonderful blog, A Sausage Has Two. Christie who? First of all, you should know that Wiesbaden, with its numerous mansions, parks and bodies of water, not only looks kind of British, but is actually quite international. English pubs, French restaurants, scones from a store called Britmania ... all this is available in the state capital.

Christie Dietz is also English, followed her husband to Wiesbaden and soon learned to love it. Because of the special quality of life, but also because of the sophisticated touch of the city between the Taunus and the Rhine. The casino, for example, is an institution here, as is the magnificent Hessian State Theater, and the yachts and sailboats at Schierstein harbor are also a sign of the upscale lifestyle. Not to speak first of the wonderful thermal springs - 26 in all - the most famous of which is the Cooking well is. Yes, even the ancient Romans took cures in Wiesbaden, and the neoclassical Kurhaus with its magnificent portico could easily pass for a royal residence. One prominent visitor noticed something else: "It only takes a quarter of an hour of climbing in Wiesbaden to see all the glories of the world." Who said it? Old Goethe, of course.

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