The classic question is: Who has enough vacation to experience even half of the things that a hot summer in Brandenburg offers? But you could give it a try!

"The only way to get anything out of life is to throw yourself into it with all your might." Which poet prince, which philosopher do you think once said that? That will be revealed later. For now, let's concentrate on the essentials: Just having fun! In Brandenburg in the summer, that means deciding. Spend a day at the lake, or an evening at a concert? Cycling along the most beautiful waterways of the state or rather roaming through the nature park in hiking boots? Do you want to go on a tour of several days by houseboat or just a few hours on the lake by canoe? Or straight to a chic café or restaurant? The choice is yours - it won't be an easy one. But the good news is: wrong choices aren't even possible. Here are three examples.

Fairytale wilderness on the water

Events that actually always go in the Brandenburg summer include. Trips by canoe. Especially when they are accompanied as competently as the guided canoe tour in the Lower Oder Valley National Park. Here, geographer, nature and landscape guide Frauke de Vere Bennett leads us through the fabulously wild Oder Valley and explains how a natural floodplain landscape develops. She also knows where to find edible wild plants and wild medicinal herbs on the banks, as well as how to get to the best places to stop for refreshments.
This is how you get to the Lower Oder Valley National Park by train and bus: Plan arrival.

But it's not just day trips on the water that are possible; canoe tours lasting several days are also offered in Brandenburg. The "Märkische Umfahrt," for example, offers a 180-kilometer round trip on the Spree and Dahme rivers; a visit to the castles of Wusterhausen and Fürstenwalde is included, as is a detour to the historic old town and castle in Beeskow. It's not bad at all to feel solid ground under your feet once in a while.

The more movement, the greater the freedom

Is this simply strength training for the legs or accelerated strolling? It all depends on the pace. If you want to get around Brandenburg on the 7000 kilometers of bike paths on the road has both options - pedal hard or glide relaxed through picturesque landscapes. In both cases, however, what a wise man (and bike lover) once said is true: "Cycling is the closest thing to bird flight."

First evidence date: Guben in the Lusatian Lakeland. This is where the "6 Lakes in One Day" bike tour starts. Unsurprisingly, the 58-kilometer circuit passes six lakes, which is a bit tricky. Each of these idyllic natural lakes tempts you with the question: "Well, how about a little swim in my crystal-clear, warm water? If you give in to these temptations every time, you will set a new minus record for 58 kilometers of distance. But in this case, minus is the new plus!
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The title of another tour promises a little more enjoyment (and less sport!): "Cycling in the footsteps of wine"... At only 27 kilometers in length, this bike tour is not particularly strenuous. It leads from Königs Wusterhausen station past numerous places where you can learn a lot about the wine-growing tradition in Brandenburg and taste a glass or two of wine. Towards the end of the tour in Mittenwalde, a tour of the educational wine garden of the local history museum awaits.
This is how you get to Königs Wusterhausen by train: Plan arrival.

A slice of homemade apple pie in the countryside, a hearty leg of lamb in a rustic restaurant - clearly, a trip in the Brandenburg summer without stopping off at one of the many atmospheric Cafes and restaurants would not be perfect. After all, we know: Eating is a need, but only enjoyment is an art. In this respect, Café Wildau in the Barnimer Land on Lake Werbellin has nothing to reproach itself for: For a fresh fish dish on the veranda in front of the dignified manor house is worth a long walk before, also for its exquisite game dishes, the house is known. And if you spontaneously feel the need to spend the night at Lake Werbellin, there are also a few double rooms available in the hotel area of Café Wildau. 

In the Villa Kellermann in Potsdam it's now getting really fine. Michelin-starred chef Tim Raue - some call him Germany's best chef - has created a number of dishes here that do justice to the stately yet relaxed character of the house. You don't come here by chance; you look forward to Villa Kellermann days in advance. 

Similar quality standards to the Villa are offered by Café Landei in Wiesenburg, but at least three sizes smaller. This idyllic, listed half-timbered house is only open on weekends. It is located right near the chic castle park in Hohe Fläming - well worth a visit. If you get hold of one of the few seats on the veranda, you will have the opportunity to sample small regional specialties as well as good cake. An offer you shouldn't refuse. 

It is certainly not fair to mention only three of the numerous cafés, inns and top restaurants that Brandenburg has to offer. By the way, if you want to know where all the good ingredients for the first-class dishes come from, you can easily go in search of clues in Brandenburg. The freshest fruits and vegetables from the region, for example, can be found in farm stores such as that of the Tornow Mill in the Ruppiner Seenland. Chocolate specialists à la Confiserie Felicitas in Hornow (located, significantly, at Schokoladenweg 1) produce first-class sweets. And anyone who has taken a tour of the Spreewald brewery will enjoy the local beer twice as much. 

So we recommend trusting our opening quote in any case: "The only way to get something out of life is to throw yourself into it with all your might." Of course, this also and especially applies to the local culinary delights. But one question remains: Which great thinker might have thought up this quote? That's right: It was Angelina Jolie - the actress obviously knows a thing or two about pleasure.

Cover photo: Promises fun and cooling off: A raft tour on the lake © TMB-Fotoarchiv / Yorck Maecke

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