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Lake Rangsdorf - just ten kilometers south of Berlin - is a popular meeting place for swimmers, rowers and surfers in summer. But one special feature makes it interesting in winter as well: since the lake is only six meters deep, it quickly freezes over...

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The good old truism: "One man's joy is another man's sorrow" - as far as Lake Rangsdorf in Brandenburg is concerned, it hits the mark. With its 272 hectares in size, the lake is definitely a joy for swimmers, sailors and those otherwise interested in water fun in the sun - especially for children and "little" adults, because it is six meters deep at its deepest point, but only 1.5 meters at the edges. In summer, the local sailing clubs hold regattas for the pirate and OK dinghy boat classes - a wonderful spectacle also for spectators on the shore of the lake.

Unfortunately, however, the lake's shallow depth will cause it to "silt up" in the long term without restoration, and local fish are already threatened every winter: if the lake remains under ice for too long, the oxygen content becomes too low. But exactly this - the long ice cover in winter - is the reason for the popularity of the Rangsdorf water with skaters and especially: ice sailors. Well, a classic dilemma. Not so for visitors: they can either tackle the trail around Rangsdorf Lake on foot or conquer it by bike - in either case, the route is an idyllic 21 kilometers long, with 105 meters of elevation gain.

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