Chic castles, magnificent gardens and picturesque lakes - all this and a large dose of culture in addition is offered to the visitor in a city that in the immediate neighborhood of Berlin by no means hatches complexes - on the contrary. 

By train to the Marble Palace: Plan arrival

As a gifted travel writer recently put it so aptly about Potsdam's assets: "All the castles and gardens, the rulers' love of Italy, the lively pub and cultural scene, and in general: the lakes, lakes, lakes..." Do you need to know more to get a taste for this strangely self-confident, despite its modest 170,000 inhabitants only apparent appendage of Berlin? 

After all, Potsdam has every reason to be proud: the UNESCO World Heritage city has significant sights in abundance: Sanssouci Palace, for example, the New Palace, Charlottenhof Palace or the enchanting Orangery Palace with its famous Raphael Gallery. For lovers of outdoor pleasures, it would be worth mentioning the New Garden of Potsdam, which encloses the Holy Lake and joins the Jungfernsee: Lakes. Lakes. Lakes - it's really true. 

But besides all the nature, all the water and the museum evidence of a grandiose past, is there also evidence that Potsdam has arrived in the present and also offers something to young people? But surely! Because you really deserve it after a day full of art & culture in Potsdam, here are three bars where you can end the day very well: The bar "Backwood" passes as a personal living room, the "Bar-O-Meter" is a creative cellar vault with experts at the shaker, and finally the "Bar Fritz'n" - for upscale drinks with stylish leather furniture.