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Of course it's nice to do something with children! But what is fun for everyone? Brandenburg is a family-friendly state with plenty of space in nature and exciting stories - good prerequisites for unforgettable experiences. We have put together a list of excursions that will keep both young and old children happy. And where adults can also relax and gain new insights..


Into the water labyrinth: boat trip in the Spree Forest

The special thing: During a boat trip through the Spreewald you can discover the wildly romantic green-blue landscape with its countless rivers. With a little imagination, the floodplain and moor landscape in southeastern Brandenburg could also be called the Everglades of Germany. In the course of the last ice age, the river Spree branched out many times and created a labyrinth of tiny waterways.

The place: The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Spreewald is located near Lübben. From the center of Berlin you need about 90 minutes by car to get there, by train it is even within an hour.

The experience: On a boat trip you glide through narrow channels, above which the branches of the trees almost shake hands. The plants on the banks are reflected in the water, which makes everything twice as beautiful. A truly fairytale landscape off the beaten track awaits you. On the way you can stop for a break - or enjoy a breakfast during the tour. Such trips are offered as well as tours that include a stop at the Barefoot Park in Burg with its 25 stations. This makes the family trip even more interesting.

Similar adventures: The rivers can also be navigated with a canoe or SUP board. Especially with older children this is a lot of fun. There are plenty of rental stations.


Learn what Berlin was built with: Brickworks Park Mildenberg

The special thing:

The houses of entire streets in Berlin are made of Mildenberg clay - the Zehdenick brickyard was once the largest in Europe. The clay deposit was discovered by chance in 1887 during the construction of a railroad bridge - and Berlin boomed, Berlin built. Today you can discover an exciting museum park here with the whole family - in the middle of an idyllic nature reserve.

The place: The Museum Park is located directly on the Havel River in Mildenberg, a district of Zehdenick north of Berlin and in the heart of the Ruppin Lake District. From Berlin you need about an hour by car. By train it takes a little longer. The Brickworks Park is open during the summer months (from the end of March to the end of October).

The experience:

Picnic meadow by the water and interactive exhibitions, petting zoo and old industrial monuments: On an area of 40 hectares, the history of brick production can be experienced in multimedia exhibitions with hands-on stations and during guided tours. At the same time, the site is also a great place for children to experience. Guests can walk through the old authentic ring kilns and machine halls, but also make a brick themselves.

Similar adventures: In the F60 visitor mine in the Elbe-Elster-Land you will experience one of the largest working machines in the world, which was used in open-cast lignite mining. The machines of the LOUISE briquette factory are at a standstill, but are still intact.


A day in the tropics: Biosphere in Potsdam

The special thing: In the middle of the Brandenburg state capital Potsdam you can discover a tropical jungle world all year round.

The place: The Biosphere Potsdam is a nature experience world that was created for the BUGA 2001 on a former military site in the state capital. During the Federal Horticultural Show, the building housed the Flower Hall. The tropics moved in there in 2002. The Volkspark is located around it.

The experience: You will walk through an exotic landscape with 20,000 magnificent tropical plants and around 140 different animal species. Your tour starts at a waterfall and leads from there to a butterfly house where, with a little luck, the colorful insects will even settle on your shoulder. Afterwards you will go on the high trail, which is located in the crowns of the trees that are up to 14 meters high. Things get even more colorful at the Biosphere at the end of winter: from February 11 to March 28, orchids are in bloom at the Biosphere.

Similar adventures: A trip to art is made possible by the new Museum Barberini in Potsdam families with special offers. In addition, admission is free for everyone under 18.


Go swimming in Brandenburg's lakes

The special thing: With its 3000 lakes, Brandenburg is one of the most water-rich states in Germany - perhaps even the most water-rich. Of course, there are beach resorts in many places, if you like a bit of infrastructure - chip shops, showers, water slides and so on. But what's really appealing about Brandenburg's lakes is their tranquility and secrecy. Everyone can find their own place to be happy by the water.

The place: The nearest lake is not very far anywhere in Brandenburg. You can go swimming in the middle of Potsdam as well as lonely somewhere between forest and meadow - for example at the Tornowsee in the Dahme-Seenland.

The experience: Sitting on the jetty and dangling your legs in the water. Jump from the bathing island directly into the lake. Playing by the water, diving, letting yourself be rocked by the air mattress, and all that without even having to pile up with other bathers: Brandenburg has countless lakes, large and small, and the vast majority of beaches are freely accessible. Why not try one of the last clear-water lakes, such as the Stechlinsee in northern Brandenburg or the Tonsee south of Berlin?

Similar adventures: Brandenburg's lakes are also ideal for stand-up paddling, you can rent motorboats or rafts (also license-free), and some waters are even good surfing and sailing areas with quite challenging wind conditions.


Watching craftsmen: the museum village Baruther Glashütte

Glass art in the museum village Baruther Glashütte © TMB-Fotoarchiv/Steffen Lehmann

The special thing: 

Once upon a time, in the small factory settlement near Baruth in the Fläming Glass made, today you come to a Museum villagewhere many artisans have settled, who of course are happy to sell their products. There is gastronomy and the possibility to spend the night comfortably in the village. Two museums on original sites tell the story of the glassmaking village.

The place: A severe storm in which countless trees fell gave the starting signal for glass production in Baruth in the south of the state at the beginning of the 18th century - because a lot of wood was needed for glass production at that time. The production of lampshades was particularly successful in Baruth. In 1980 the glassworks closed - the picturesque village in the south of Brandenburg remained as it was and is now a listed building. It takes one hour by car from Potsdam and 1.5 hours from Berlin. By train it takes about an hour from Berlin to Baruth.

The experience:

Marvel at handcrafted products, watch the glassblowers (or blow a glass ball yourself), stroll through the original glassworks of yesteryear and enjoy a good meal - all this is possible in the museum village of Baruther Glashütte. In workshops, guests young and old can also learn how to make pottery, jewelry, soap or felt.

Similar adventures: An interesting cultural and creative location is also the Oranienwerk in Oranienburg.


Out in the country: Holidays on the horse farm

The special thing: Brandenburg is a true kingdom of nature, a state with unique landscapes and a lot of space. At the same time, there are especially many old manors and castles that have been lovingly renovated. Some of them have specialized in horseback riding vacations. Often they are not much more than an hour's drive from the capital or Potsdam - and yet here you are in a completely different world. And it has a pleasantly slower pace, for example at the Rüsterhof in the Lake District Oder-Spree.

The place: Around Berlin there are many Horse farms - and an extensive network of riding trails for day and multi-day rides. It's best to see what suits you: How big are the kids? Are there good offers for non-riding family members? Can you bring your own horse?

The experience:

The little ones help out in the stable, the adults go on guided rides or take a wellness break. There are lots of animals and, of course, riding lessons: families experience new things together at the equestrian farm. At the same time, the children also have their own adventures - and the parents free time. Common Kremserfahrten round the program off. And often there are still naturally extra amusements like archery or overnight stays in the hay. Some farms specialize in therapeutic activities with horses.

Similar adventures: No heart for horses? You can hike with llamas on the Märkischer Llama farm in Mittenwalde.


Experience something in the green

The special thing: The state of Brandenburg has unique parks - from world-famous like the palace parks in Potsdam, to small but beautiful. An unusual excursion destination, for example, is the Optics Park in Rathenow, where everything revolves around seeing. And that is no coincidence. Because Rathenow is considered the cradle of industrial optics.

The place: Exciting for families are several theme parks in Brandenburg, which were often created on the grounds of former garden shows. The Friedrich Ebert Park in Wittstock/Dosse, for example, showcases top-class garden art against the backdrop of the old city wall - and there's a playground there, too. The Family garden Eberswalde in turn is located on the site of a former rolling mill and, with its play paths, fairytale landscapes, industrial monuments and garden areas, is also exciting for visitors of all ages.

The experience: Theme parks in Brandenburg's cities allow families to take a stroll through the city with a varied excursion into the countryside and special themed worlds. The parks are designed so that children can experience adventure - and adults can also go on an exciting journey of discovery.

Similar adventures: Also visit the world famous palace parks in Potsdam. In Sanssouci Park you can walk past world-famous palaces, and in Babelsberg Park you can also go swimming (www.spsg.de). Beautiful are also the Palace Garden Königs Wusterhausen and the Baroque garden of the Neuzelle monastery.

Cover photo: In Brandenburg, every member of the family can experience exciting things - for example, on the raft in the Brickworks Park © TMB-Fotoarchiv/Julia Nimke

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