Brandenburg's Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve begins about 50 kilometers northeast of Berlin - ideal as an excursion destination for stressed city dwellers or as a vacation region to relax in. 

The Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve is a nature driving destination.

Thanks to the convenient train journey and the well-developed local public transport system, you can enjoy your vacation in an environmentally friendly way.

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Quacking, chirping and roaring can be heard from everywhere. The wildlife in the lakes, moors and forests of the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve is clearly audible. The region provides a protected habitat for many kinds of fauna and flora, including endangered species such as white-tailed eagles, ospreys, lesser spotted eagles and black storks.

But two-legged nature lovers also feel right at home here, for example during the now fashionable "forest bathing" - after all, the largest contiguous beech forests in Central Europe grow here. The Grumsin beech forest in the biosphere reserve was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011 with an area of almost seven square kilometers. In the landscape, which was formed during the ice age, there are beech trees that are up to 180 years old. In contrast to other regions, there has never been any clearing in Grumsin. Thus, this unique and irreplaceable natural heritage has been preserved over the centuries, to the delight of hikers and forest bathers.

The special tip: If you want to understand nature better, you should visit the NABU Nature Experience Center Blumberger Mühle.

Mobile even without a car

Watch out, here comes the beaver bus. Sounds funny, but it's seriously a fine thing: If you want to travel from Angermünde train station to the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve, the so-called "Beavers" and "World Heritage Buses" come as a RufBus on command: Anyone arriving or departing late must register the trip with the Uckermärkische Verkehrsbetriebe. Another option: The HeideLinerwhich takes you from Easter to the end of October from the train station Groß Schönebeck directly into the biosphere reserve. More info.
By the way, you can find tips on how to travel comfortably and inexpensively on long-distance and local trains with Deutsche Bahn here.

Cover photo: Lake Werbellin in the Schorfheide Biosphere Reserve © TMB photo archive / Steffen Lehmann

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