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Brandenburg an der Havel is over 1000 years old - so you can afford to have three city centers at once: the Old and New Towns are complemented by the Cathedral Island - history at every turn. But at the same time, the city is also the gateway to Brandenburg's Havel lakes.

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Let no one say that this city has no room for fun-loving entertainment in addition to its historical sights. Vicco von Bülow, better known as Loriot, makes sure of that. He was born in Brandenburg an der Havel in 1923 and has always remained close to his hometown. That's why there are now hidden stomping grounds of Loriot's fabulous forest gnomes all over the city - visitors are amazed and the locals are happy about this scavenger hunt for the amusing monuments of the most famous comedian. How many forest boobies there are by now, scholars' opinions differ...

Other sights that delight visitors to Brandenburg an der Havel are a little more serious: St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, for example, is known as the "cradle of the Mark" and, as the mother of all Mark churches, is also of great cultural and historical significance. Almost even more striking: St. Catherine's Church, an outstanding work of North German brick architecture, also the largest church in the city. Other interesting destinations in Brandenburg: the Paulikloster monastery, St. Gotthard's Church and the futuristically clad Friedenswarte on the Marienberg. A tower that was only built in 1974 for the 25th anniversary of the GDR. You will not be able to experience a better view of the three city cores Old Town, New Town and Cathedral Island anywhere else.

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