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It was formed 40 to 50 million years ago and has 102 peaks at least 1000 meters high. There is a national park and two large nature parks. The Black Forest is Germany's most popular low mountain range - and not only that. It is also home to rare animals and plants, mysterious legends and stories, and a region full of cultural and natural treasures. Here we present twelve of them to you:

Black Forest National Park

The national park is about 100 square kilometers and includes two areas between Baden-Baden and Freudenstadt, which are only 3.5 kilometers apart. So you can get to Baden-Baden comfortably and without traffic jams by train: Plan arrival.

Friedrichsbad Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden has been a popular spa town since Roman times because of its hot thermal springs. It is located on the edge of the Black Forest, has an international flair and partly a beautiful, old Belle Epoque architecture.


The Belchen is the fourth highest mountain in the Black Forest and has been a nature reserve for over 70 years. In the area of the tree-free hilltop and around it live such rare animals as the citronella, capercaillie and hazel grouse. So you can easily get to the Black Forest region Belchen by train and bus: Plan arrival.

Europapark Rust

The community is only separated from France by the Rhine and belongs to the Ortenaukreis. Around the village lies the wild and romantic nature reserve Taubergießen with its worth seeing water landscape. You can reach the Europapark comfortably and without traffic jams by train: Plan arrival.

Tree top walk Bad Wildbad

The spa town of Bad-Wildbad belongs to the Northern Black Forest region. It is located in the narrow valley of the Enz, a tributary of the Neckar. So you can get to Bad Wildbad comfortably and without traffic jams by train: Plan arrival.


Many mysterious legends surround the crystal-clear Titisee in the southern Black Forest, including that a town once stood on its site and sank in the floods. This way you can get to Titisee comfortably and without traffic jams by train: Arrival plan.


The largest lake in the Black Forest has also served as a tributary of the Schluchseewerk pumped storage power plant since the 1960s. It is a popular bathing lake because its shores are easily accessible and it is nestled in a beautiful landscape. You can also dive in the Schluchsee. So you can get to Schluchsee by train comfortably and without traffic jams: Arrival plan.


The most southwestern corner of Germany is famous for its wine growing. The Markgräflerland is located in the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland and France and has a very mild climate. So you can get to the Markgräflerland comfortably and without traffic jams by train: Arrival plan.

Triberg waterfalls

Triberg is located in the heart of the Black Forest and about 45 kilometers northeast of Freiburg. The Black Forest Nature Park begins very close to the climatic health resort. So you can get to Triberg by train comfortably and without traffic jams: Arrival plan.


The fourth largest city in Baden-Württemberg is student, southern, international - and popular with guests from all over the world. It has a good 230,000 inhabitants, an enchanting old town and a famous cathedral.


Black Forest National Park

If you want to experience the silence of deep coniferous forests, velvety moss-green rocks and the magic of gurgling mountain streams, head for the protected heart of the region: for seven years now there has been the Black Forest National Parkwhich extends over two areas close to each other, roughly speaking between the Black Forest High Road and the Murg Valley. The old national park center is housed in the Villa Klumpp at Ruhestein, and since 2021 there has been a new building right next door. It is also architecturally spectacular, the building is reminiscent of tree trunks lying on top of each other. Guided tours and excursions with national park guides deepen the knowledge gained there. But you can also explore this emerging primeval forest on your own, in which man intervenes very little. But then of course: stay on the trails and look and enjoy from there ...

This way you can get to the Black Forest by train relaxed and without traffic jams: Plan journey.

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Friedrichsbad Baden-Baden

This is what a spa day in 1001 Nights or Ancient Rome would have felt like: Guests can relax in 17 coordinated wellness stations and experience ancient Irish-Roman bathing traditions - from soap brush massages and thermal bubble baths to relaxation on loungers in the warm air room. The Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden is one of the most beautiful spas in Germany, built as early as 1877. The antique ambience of the 19th-century bathhouse is emphasized by hand-painted majolica tiles and a magnificent domed hall. At that time the Friedrichsbad as the most modern bathing establishment in Europe, today it is one of the most charming. Tip: The Palais Thermal in Bad Wildbad is also beautiful.

This way you can get to Baden-Baden comfortably and without traffic jams: Plan arrival.



The Belchen at 1,414 meters, is almost 80 meters lower than the highest mountain in the Black Forest, the Feldberg. But it has a particularly mysterious aura. Even the Celts attributed mystical powers to it. In their language, they referred to the striking mountain near Münstertal as "the radiant one," probably because of its tree-free summit. From this smooth, round hump, one can enjoy magnificent views over the Black Forest and into the Rhine Valley. With good visibility, you can also see the Alps - the Zugspitze, for example, or Mont Blanc. And so the poet Johann Peter Hebel also once wrote: "The Belchen is the first station between heaven and earth." A cable car takes you to the top station at 1356 meters - or you can hike up.

This way you can easily get to the Black Forest region Belchen by train and bus: Plan arrival.


Europapark Rust

Search for a legendary dagger, dive into the Rutlantica water world, and experience adrenaline rushes on a wide variety of roller coasters: On a total area of about 950,000 square meters you will find in the Europapark Rust over 100 rides and several shows, which are assigned to 18 themed worlds. The most visited amusement park in Germany also includes six hotels, a camping site and a cinema. The gigantic facility is located in the Rhine Valley, not far from the border with France. 

This way you can get to Europapark comfortably and without traffic jams: Plan arrival.


Tree top walk Bad Wildbad

Here you walk through beech, fir and spruce trees - and virtually at eye level at a height of up to 20 meters. The largely barrier-free Treetop path in Bad Wildbad leads through the mountain forest, past many learning stations where guests can gather exciting knowledge about native animals and plants. At the end of the 1250-meter trail through the mountain forest, you'll climb the 40-meter observation tower and look out over the Black Forest. The view is good? Then keep an eye out for the TV tower in Stuttgart ...

This way you can get to Bad Wildbad comfortably by train and without traffic jams: Plan arrival.



The most beautiful you approach the crystal clear Titisee during a circular hike along the shore. It is just under six kilometers long and almost level, but opens up wonderful views of the mountain lake and the surrounding peaks. According to legend, the water is infinitely deep - scientifically, it has an average depth of 20 meters. In winter, Lake Titisee takes a long time to freeze over because the wind usually keeps the water surface moving. In summer it is a paradise for swimming or stand-up paddling. You can rent boats or cruise the lake on one of the excursion boats. On the north shore is Titisee-Neustadt, a Kneipp and climatic health resort. In addition to recreation, you can buy cuckoo clocks and Black Forest ham almost everywhere. 

This way you can get to Titisee comfortably and without traffic jams: Arrival plan.



The largest lake in the Black Forest is located southeast of Lake Titi. It was formed from a former Feldberg glacier. At an altitude of about 930 meters, the water was dammed up - thus the Schluchsee the highest dam in Germany! An 18-kilometer-long circular trail leads around the crystal-clear body of water, plus there are countless other hiking tours as well as routes for cyclists and mountain bikers. Hikes can be combined with trips on the excursion boat MS Schluchsee from May to October. The lake is relatively cool even in summer - perfect for refreshment. Together with the community of the same name, it is considered the water sports center of the Black Forest.

This way you can get to Schluchsee comfortably by train and without traffic jams: Arrival plan.



A mild climate, vineyards and lots of southern ambience: Between Freiburg and Basel lies the delightful Markgräflerland. There you can get to know small, winding wine-growing villages while hiking or biking, or follow in the footsteps of the Celts, Romans and Alemanni. The 14,000 or so cherry trees in the Eggen Valley are a feast for the eyes when they blossom in spring. Star cuisine, country inn or ostrich restaurant? You can eat well almost everywhere in the Markgräfler Land. The best thing is to try a local wine with it: The hills between the Rhine plain and the Black Forest are home to the typical wine of the Markgräflerland, the Chasselas, as well as top-quality Burgundy wines. You can get to know the wine, the cuisine and the landscape particularly intensively on foot on the 92-kilometer-long "Markgräfler Wiiwegli".

Tip: The warmth in the Markgräfler Land comes not only from the good weather, but also from the depths of the earth: Hot springs bubble up in the spas of Badenweiler, Bad Krozingen and Bad Bellingen.

This way you can reach the Markgräflerland by train comfortably and without traffic jams: Arrival plan.


Triberg waterfalls

Squirrels also like the roar and roar - at any rate, you'll find them in Triberg, at the highest Waterfalls of Germany, especially many of them observe. The Gutach River plunges 163 meters down over rocks near the town. On the paths along the seven falls, you can experience a magnificent natural spectacle, although the town of Triberg charges an entrance fee. On the other hand, there are information boards about animals, plants and interesting facts about the region. Tip: The waterfalls are illuminated until 10 p.m. and are also partially accessible in winter. The waterfalls look particularly attractive when they are completely or partially iced over. The small natural wonder of Triberg is not only beautiful to look at, but also healthy: The waterfalls are said to be beneficial for respiratory diseases due to the ionization of the air.

This way you can get to Triberg comfortably by train and without traffic jams: Arrival plan.


Village vacation Black Forest

Warm hosts, grown villages in beautiful Black Forest nature and the opportunity to buy from local producers. A total of 21 communities have joined the Village vacation Black Forest joined together. The concept: to let guests participate in village life in friendly little Black Forest towns - perfect for family vacations, too. The website explains it like this: "Village vacation communities surprise with special experiences. There is a different rhythm than in the city. Much is in the making, nothing is really "perfect" and unchangeable. Villages are like the Black Forest itself: challenging, relaxing, full of contrasts, pristine and genuine to the core." For more information, check out our article on the Village vacation in the Black Forest.


Black Forest Open Air Museum Vogtsbauernhof

And how did people live in the Black Forest in the past? What did it look like in their good room? Which animals lived in the barn? If you want to experience the history of the region very vividly, visit the Black Forest Open Air Museum Vogtsbauernhof in Gutach - the oldest in Baden-Württemberg. The roofs of a farm from anno dazumal were pulled low here in the region, the building material largely wood from the region. So inside it was very cozy, but not particularly bright. In addition to several old farms, there is also a day laborer's house to visit - and for the last three years, even a small Swabian castle. Animals, often specimens of old domestic breeds, the gardens, mills, saws, a chapel and numerous small monuments such as boundary and memorial stones make up the diversity of the area, which was awarded as particularly family-friendly. And because the Black Forest, while very rich in tradition, has long since arrived in the 21st century, you can use your smartphone for three digital tours.

This way you can get to the open-air museum in Gutach comfortably and without traffic jams: Travel plans.



Lots of sun, cheerful student life and a charming old town: In Freiburg is a real pleasure to stroll through. Take a stroll through the alleyways, linger here and there in a café and let yourself be inspired by the Baden cuisine. You can really enjoy it down here on the border with France and Switzerland. To get a first impression of the Black Forest capital, check out the old town with the cathedral. And don't be surprised by the famous Bächle that accompany you along the way. The small watercourses are a specialty of the city - a network of over 15 kilometers of above-ground mini-channels crisscrosses the city. They were once built to water the cattle, to enable quick extinguishing of fires and to absorb surface water during heavy rainfall. Tip: The 1,284 meter high local mountain Schauinsland, which is only a few kilometers away from the city center, is virtually a must-see here.

This way you can get to Freiburg by train relaxed and without traffic jams: Plan journey.

View of the Black Forest from the Black Forest High Road © Corri Seizinger/stock.adobe.com

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