Immerse yourself in new worlds: Indoor halls offer adventure, thrills and fun in any weather, for all tastes and ages. We present exciting indoor leisure activities - from glowgolf to escape rooms and diving in the Gasometer to participatory museums, wild water slides and bouldering halls.


Magic mini golf: hole in black light in the 3D hall

Glowing Rooms or Fantastic Rooms is the name of the ultra-modern minigolf halls that transport every player into a fantastic science fiction world. The highlight here is that the whole family can play not only in the rain, but also in the dark. The indoor facilities are equipped with black light, 3D effects and fluorescent color artwork and guarantee completely new experiences that are not to be expected outside on the good old minigolf course. In Cologne, Dortmund and Düsseldorf there are, for example, 3D black light facilities, as well as in Hesse's Willingen, in Sending near Ulm and in Augsburg, where the world full of bright colors, installations, spectacular effects and colorful figures is called Glowgolf.


Indoor diving: weightless into the underwater adventure

Whether taster course, training for the next Maldives vacation or just enjoy floating under water: In this country there are several indoor diving centers where you can take beginner courses, practice under supervision and even become a diving instructor. The largest and most unusual indoor diving pool in Europe is located in in Duisburg - at the Gasometer a disused industrial plant. The pool is 13 meters deep, has a diameter of 45 meters and under water you can discover adventurous things: old pipes, scrap cars, wrecks, mailboxes and even an airplane. In the "dive4life" in Siegburg near Cologne is the deepest indoor diving pool in the country, at 20 meters. The three million liters of water have a pleasant temperature of 26 degrees and hide Mayan ruins, statues, caves and grottos in the depths. You can also enjoy a diving vacation in the "Monte Mare" in Rheinbach near Bonn. There, a cave labyrinth, a sunken boat wreck and artificial underwater volcanoes await diving license holders. Diving without a diving license is possible in the Diving tower in Vogtland, where trial and beginner courses are offered.


Hands-on museums: astronaut training and chocolate experiments

This makes discovering, puzzling, learning and trying things out fun: Hands-on, adventure and experience museums specialize in introducing visitors of all ages to new things in exciting and unusual ways. At "Mathematikum" in Giessen For example, no matter how bad your math grades were or are, you can build puzzles and bridges, solve brainteasers, test the golden ratio on yourself, or stand in a giant soap skin. As a mix of research center and amusement park, the "Odysseum" Cologne with its experience stations in the areas of life and earth. In an astronaut trainer you can find out what weightlessness feels like, and in a flight simulator you can test whether you have what it takes to be a pilot. The most bizarre phenomena of everyday life are explained by the "Universum" in Bremen in a playful way. Popular experiments include stopping lightning, sensing an earthquake, or outsmarting gravity. "Phänomenta" is the name of the hands-on museum in Flensburgwhere the sloping salon challenges you. In the room with the sloping floor, you'll experience what it means when your sense of balance and optic nerve send different signals. Your energy can then be recharged at a hand battery. Afterwards, you can try out the energy go-kart, for example. In Saarbrücken, you'll meet full-size snarling dinosaurs and prehistoric sharks on a journey back in time to the early geological era - at the "Gondwana - The Praehistorium". The Bavaria Film City in Munich in turn takes you into the world of film and television. You'll experience the feeling of a spaceship, a trip through the jungle with Mowgli and a 4-D cinema with moving seats. If your offspring just won't go along, then pull this joker out of your pocket: the Cologne Chocolate Museum. There is even a chocolate fountain for those with a sweet tooth.


Escape Rooms: Exciting escape from prison

Solve puzzles, show team spirit, keep your nerve and find the escape route: Live Escape Games are the popular parlor games. Escape rooms have been booming in Germany since 2013. There are providers in many cities. The game principle is simple but tricky: the objective is to escape from an unknown room in which the team is locked in within a specified time. To do this, various puzzles and tasks must be solved. The rooms are designed according to a theme. Sometimes you are in a hospital room, then in the Da Vinci Museum or in a chemistry lab. Different levels of difficulty of the picture puzzles, Morse codes and mathematical formulas ensure that every age will find its fun. Special knowledge is not required. You'll have to search, think around corners, combine cleverly and try things out to find your way back to freedom.


Water slides and climbing gyms: Cool classics with thrills

Action and adrenaline - you don't need nice weather for that. When it rains, storms or snows, it's the perfect time for an adventure pool. There are around 400 leisure pools in Germany. Many are equipped with current channels, whirlpools and spectacular water slides. Europe's largest slide complex can be found with 27 water slides in the "Therme Erding" near Munich Airport. 60 kilometers south of Berlin, the "Tropical Islands"Europe's largest tropical vacation world with South Sea flair, an indoor rainforest, a tropical village and wild water slides. The superlative among the slides are the looping and competition slides in the "Miramar" in Karlsruhe. If you don't want to get wet, but still want to pump adrenaline through your veins, visit a Climbing hall or bouldering hallwhich exist in many cities of the republic. Advantage: you do not need any previous knowledge, get fit and the whole family can participate.

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