Who would have thought it: Berlin consists of almost half green spaces, forests and water areas, not even counting private areas. If that's not enough, take a trip to Brandenburg, the evergreen front yard with endless opportunities to stroll through nature and wilderness.

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This article comes from the Book 52 small and large escapades in and around Berlin from DuMont Reiseverlag.

This book cannot even begin to give a complete overview of the green excursion possibilities in and around Berlin, but it does offer some ideas of what is possible in what is probably the most exciting of all capitals: How about a delicious slice of cheesecake in the city's most beautiful greenhouse, a wild and witty ride on the trolley or a leisurely houseboat tour always along the Havel?

Whether hiking, biking, paddling or enjoying nature at leisure: 52 small and large escapades make you want to discover the most beautiful corners in and around Berlin. For a few hours, a day or a weekend - irresistible excursions into the countryside await. Frog concert with cake, photo safari in the forbidden city or with the houseboat into the wilderness - it is so easy to experience more than the known. So get outside! Written by Inka Chall.


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On the dragon mountain in the Grunewald

The Teufelsberg, the mountain of rubble in Grunewald with the old U.S. listening station on top, is known to all Berliners. The Drachenberg, also a mountain of rubble, is right next door, but is less well known. That's a pity, because from here there is a magnificent view of the city. The Drachenberg gets its name from all the paragliders and hang gliders that soar through the air here on weekends. You can get up there on foot in a number of ways: by forest walk, you approach from the Grunewald S-Bahn station via Teufelsberg, for example, along the former cable car route and past the climbing rock. The direction through the deep green and partly densely overgrown Grunewald is best determined with the help of smartphone navigation or a compass. There are countless small trails that lead from Teufelsberg to Drachenberg. Alternatively, you can climb the Drachenberg cross-country. If you start from the southern slope, you will experience a real scramble, because the Drachenberg is quite steep here. From the north, on the other hand, the climb is quite flat.

The old listening station of the Americans is well visible from Drachenberg. From here there are best views of lunar events like the blood moon. © Inka Chall

Many roads lead to Teufelsberg

If you would like to have it, as a third variant, more direct and easier, drive to the S-Bahn station Heerstraße. From there, you can either walk along Teufelsseechaussee to the parking lot and up the steep wooden stairs to your destination. Or - more exciting - after about 500 meters you turn right from the road onto one of the many paths into the countryside. After a short while, you reach a rather wide path that leads up the mountain in serpentine lines and a moderate incline. On the flat ridge of the mountain, which is 99 meters high after all, the 360-degree view is spectacular: the Teufelsberg with the listening station and the deep green Grunewald forest, which looks like a jungle from above, to the southwest, the radio tower and even further back the TV tower to the east.

If you are lucky, you can also watch foxes on the Drachenberg. And if you're even luckier, you'll have a Berliner Weiße in your hand while you're at it. © Inka Chall

On secluded summer evenings, you can end the day here and watch the surroundings being bathed in delicate pastel tones. You're rarely alone, but the atmosphere is peaceful, sitting on the grass, listening to the music of other sunset worshippers and drinking Berliner Weiße. With a bit of luck, one of the many foxes will drop by. Please do not feed them; they find enough food here and should not be accustomed to human gifts. Especially when it has become dark, it is best to go back in a group and be sure to take the path along the road. In the Grunewald there are many wild boars, which, depending on the season, sometimes defend their offspring. By the way: Also during special events like the famous blood moon, the Drachenberg offers a perfect view of the spectacle - and you are definitely not alone.

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From which place you can experience the most beautiful sunset panorama, the Berliners argue for decades. This mountain is guaranteed to make it onto the winner's podium.
There & away
From Zoologischer Garten take the S5/75 to the S-Bahn station Heerstraße, then walk south along the Teufelsseechausee.
Best time
Summer/autumn to sunset
Duration & Route
1 to 3 h. Easy route from Heerstr approx. 1 km, through Grunewald with detour via Teufelsberg approx. 4 km, can be extended as desired.
Mosquito repellent, blanket to sit on and wrap up, flashlight for the way back. Don't forget Berliner Weiße.

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