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Densely greened mountains full of fragrant forests, rugged rocks, blue glittering water surfaces: The region around the river Saale and the Thuringian Sea is a dream destination for nature lovers. This vacationer's paradise can be explored especially well by canoeing - pure relaxation, as we think of it.

During paddling tours in the midst of beautiful nature, deceleration sets in very quickly. The breath deepens, the thoughts come to rest, mind and soul can find relaxation - the whole thing has an almost therapeutic effect. An ideal region for extended canoe tours at a leisurely pace is the river Saale and the large expanses of water of the Thuringian Sea. In the heart of the Thuringian Slate Mountains/Upper Saale Nature Park, short as well as longer canoe tours and water hiking routes lure visitors on a navigable route of about 240 kilometers through an almost untouched nature - locals as well as visitors like to come to this area of the vacation state Thuringia. 

On the banks of the Saale, the largest and most important river in central Germany and, with its total length of 413 kilometers, the second longest tributary of the Elbe, there are enchanting places full of historical charm and a dreamlike nature. With changing flow speeds, it flows along striking shell limestone cliffs and through narrow, green-forested valleys. The stages between Rudolstadt, Jena and Camburg are particularly attractive, with highlights such as Leuchtenburg Castle near Kahla and the three castles of Dornburg providing first-class photo opportunities. As early as the 1930s, the largest contiguous reservoir area in Europe was created in this region, the Thuringian Sea. These include the Bleiloch and Hohenwarte dams, which are ideal for short tours. For all stages there are (here) there are map sections, detailed tour descriptions as well as tips on canoe rentals, canoe stations, sights and much more.

Cover photo: It's worth landing and exploring the region! From the vantage point Fernsicht/Saaleschleife you have a great view over the Hohenwarte reservoir © Florian Trykowski/Thüringer Tourismus GmbH

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