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How does it look in Timmendorfer Strand? Is the sun shining? Is there a lot going on at the sights? How many vacationers are on the beach? Webcams are a great way to gather inspiration for your vacation. And they help you plan excursions during your vacation. Take a look at Timmendorfer Strand right now and find out which season is best for a vacation here.  

What's going on in Timmendorfer Strand?

Timmendorfer Strand reports 1.5 million overnight stays per year, which should be enough to answer the question posed at the beginning of this article. Quantity! For a community with not even 10,000 inhabitants, that's a proud number. Timmendorfer Strand with the district of Niendorf is located 5 kilometers north of Lübeck directly on the Baltic Sea coast. Neighboring communities are Scharbeutz in the north, Ratekau in the south and west, and Lübeck - with the district of Travemünde - in the east. And why do all the tourists come? Because Timmendorfer Strand unsurprisingly has a unique beach. It is 6.5 kilometers long and the summer stomping ground of tourists from all over Germany. On particularly nice weekends, Timmendorfer Strand is also Hamburg's bathtub - which sometimes leads to traffic jams of epic proportions on the A 1. But the price is worth it: nowhere else on the beautiful Baltic coast does the water seem so clear, the sun so warming, and the surroundings so charming - and just beyond the beach, the East Holstein hill country beckons with its deep forests and sparkling lakes. On top of all this, Timmendorfer Platz is considered the social center of the entire Lübeck Bay, where locals and tourists gather for the "dolce vita". In good weather, the entire center of Timmendorfer Strand becomes a relaxed opera-air lounge. 

Timmendorfer beach in summer

It is a little confusing: Timmendorfer Strand is the full name of the municipality on the Baltic Sea - but there is no place called Timmendorf. (Okay, that's not true either, it exists on the island of Poel in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, but very far away...). The fact is that the beautiful stretches of beach in Timmendorfer Strand are the main attraction of the place - here visitors from all over Germany meet to swim, snorkel, build sandcastles and sunbathe - a beach vacation in a fashionable seaside resort, as you know and love it from the past. Popular meeting places here are especially the two beautiful beaches around the Seeschlösschen- and the Maritim-Seebrücke. There is also a separate, so-called sports beach, where vacationers can participate in a free sports program during the summer months. Between the Baltic Sea beach and the spa promenade, right in the center, there is also the new spa park. Here, mainly in summer, joie de vivre and bustling activity reign, including in the shopping mile. In the listed Trinkkurhalle from 1950, a gallery invites you to changing exhibitions, and in the adjacent Rotunda, concerts, theater performances and readings are organized throughout the year. We would not like to withhold a summer highlight from you: At the end of June, the Jazz Baltica Festival, which has been held once a year since 1991, begins in the Neuer Kurpark in Timmendorfer Strand. It was founded with the aim of promoting cultural cooperation between the countries bordering the Baltic Sea by bringing together musicians and especially young talents in changing lineups - an atmospheric highlight in the middle of the seaside resort's vacation season.

Timmendorfer beach in winter

You can expect anything these days, but that there is too much snow in Timmendorfer Strand in winter should be excluded.  As is well known, winter sports do not play a role in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. But that doesn't mean that the place doesn't offer its guests any incentives to stop by between November and March. The Sea Life Center about is an interesting seawater aquarium with a large number of native fish - this should be a maritime highlight especially for families with children. Another option: the bird park Niendorf. It is home to about 250 different species of birds. The owl collection in particular stands out, one of the largest in the world. Rare birds such as Goliath herons, Manchurian cranes and crocodile doves also live here. Also interesting in the bird park are the winding paths that subtly blend into the surrounding reed landscape - the bird park is well-suited for short hikes, even with bird-sighting in mind. Speaking of which, the region around Timmendorfer Strand and Niendorf offers several, even longer tours that lead through the region's diverse nature. Where else can you experience not only a sandy beach and harbor, but also a steep coast, beautiful nature reserves and an inland lake like Hemmelsdorfer See within a few hours? By the way, did you know that the Hemmelsdorfer See is the deepest point in Germany? You can explore it wonderfully on a hiking trail that leads around the lake, and don't forget to make a detour to the Hermann-Löns lookout tower: From this 20-meter-high tower, you'll have a fantastic panoramic view of the five-kilometer-long lake, its reed belt and the region's forests, bushes and meadows.

For swimming sessions in the sea in the winter months, the Baltic Sea is probably only suitable for particularly hard-boiled contemporaries. However, this is no reason to forgo swimming pleasure altogether: The Ostsee-Therme may be located in Scharbeutz, but it's right on the border with Timmendorfer Strand, so it's easily within walking distance. You could easily spend a whole day in the spacious water and wellness temple - the spa is located directly on the beach and has 14,000 square meters of various pools, a spacious sauna area, a fitness area and several restaurants.

Best time to visit Timmendorfer Strand

That the main offer for vacationers in Timmendorfer Strand is focused on activities on and around the beach, we would call the best time to travel roughly June to September. In the summer months, the average daily temperatures are just above 20 degrees. Rain must be expected from time to time, but in July and August the average is seven hours of sunshine per day. Timmendorfer Strand has the so-called ocean climate: in winter it is often very cold at the Baltic Sea, the wind really blows you through and your cheeks redden from the cold. But, good news: winters at the Baltic Sea are usually much milder than those at the North Sea. If you wrap up sensibly, you will survive even longer walks by the sea without any late effects. You know, there is no such thing as bad weather, there is only inappropriate wardrobe.  

Cover photo: Beach chairs can also stretch out towards the sun - here at Timmendorfer Strand © TSNT_Oliver Franke

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