How much snow is on the Oberwiesenthal ski slopes? Is the sun shining? What is the situation in Oberwiesenthal? Is there a lot going on at the sights? Webcams are a great way to gather inspiration for your vacation. And they help you plan excursions during your vacation. Take a look at Oberwiesenthal right now and find out which season is best for a vacation.

What's going on in Oberwiesenthal?

An interesting fact in the first place: Oberwiesenthal is the highest town in Germany. This means: The health-promoting mountain location with its low-allergen stimulating climate - one could also simply say with its good air! - is an important argument for vacationers from all over the world to visit the town in the Ore Mountains very close to the Czech border. They will experience a spa town with little more than 2500 inhabitants at the altitude of 914 meters, which guarantees people rest and relaxation for body and soul. The state-approved climatic health resort is considered an ideal area for hikers, Nordic walkers and cyclists. Especially passionate marchers will like the numerous circular hiking trails in the area in and around Oberwiesenthal. The Fichtelbergbahn - one of the last narrow-gauge railroads in Saxony - takes visitors to various excursion points in the region all year round. And for those who simply want to relax, Oberwiesenthal offers a wide range of wellness and health facilities. The sights of the small town in the Ore Mountains also include the neo-Gothic Martin Luther Church, which was built between 1863 and 1866 and has been extensively restored since 2002.

Oberwiesenthal in summer

Due to its high location Oberwiesenthal in Saxony is one of the most popular destinations for hikers. The Gabriele Kohlisch Tour, for example, is a 12-kilometer circular trail that leads past the Oberwiesenthal ski jumps, along the Seltmannweg trail and through the Schindelbachtal valley back to its starting point. Over 300 meters of altitude are covered - so you should bring a certain basic fitness with you. (And if you are wondering who Gabriele Kohlisch is, we can solve the riddle: It's a former German bobsled and luge athlete who, among other things, became a world champion). The fact that the Fichtelbergbahn runs for 17.4 kilometers between the towns of Cranzahl and Oberwiesenthal has already been mentioned elsewhere. Not everyone knows that the entire route is also accessible as a hiking trail during the snow-free time of the year: the "Bimmelbahn Adventure Trail" is about 20 kilometers longer than the train ride.

Hiking is a fine thing, but possibly not seven days a week. If you want to play your no-go card in Oberwiesenthal in the summer, you could have a good time at the marine aquarium on the Fichtelberg instead. A 17-meter-long tank is home to a variety of animals, from harmless freshwater fish to piranha, that are otherwise at home in the world's oceans. In addition, a selection of insects, spiders and poisonous frogs will give you a pleasant shiver - even crocodiles have made it to Germany's highest city.

Oberwiesenthal in winter

The spa town Oberwiesenthal has the largest ski area in eastern Germany. Snow reliability can therefore be taken for granted here. The Olympic champions Jens Weißflog (ski jumper), Ulrich Wehling (Nordic combined) and Silke Otto (luge), to name just a few of the snow stars who regularly took up training camps in Oberwiesenthal during their careers, also benefited from this. In the meantime, this trio has also been named honorary citizens of the town. But of course all these sports can also be practiced by "amateurs" in Oberwiesenthal - in the case of ski jumping understandably only within certain limits. For cross-country skiers, there is an excellently prepared network of trails - athletes of all ages and quality levels can enjoy more than 70 kilometers. And as for alpine skiing and snowboarding: the largest alpine skiing area in Saxony with its 10 classified slopes offers optimal conditions for winter sports fans. From Mondays to Saturdays, by the way, there is the possibility to take advantage of the popular "night skiing" offer on the Oberwiesenthal ski slopes between 5 and 9 p.m. under floodlight - from below the snow shimmers, from above the stars shine - fairytale-like.

Best time to visit Oberwiesenthal

Since Oberwiesenthal is primarily a is probably a classic winter sports resort, the best time to travel should be between November and March. However, not all winters are the same... Winter sports in December are certainly more fun during the week than on the very busy weekends - provided there is already snow. In January, the area is snow-sure - and early to mid-month, moreover, still little activity on the slopes. If you're more of a fair-weather skier, come in March: There's still snow, but temperatures are already spring-like in places - a delightful combination. Those who prefer to come to Oberwiesenthal in summer should know: The maximum temperature in July is 16 degrees - and that is already the highest value, closely followed by August with 15 degrees. So if you have an allergy to the sun, you're in good hands in the Ore Mountains.

Cover photo: Looking far and breathing freely - that's what you can do in Oberwiesethal, for example, one of five climatic health resorts in Saxony © Katja Fouad Vollmer

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