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Radon and carbonic acid, brine and climate, thermal water and outdoor exercise: The most effective therapies in Hessen often come directly from Mother Nature. They can be experienced particularly well in the state's many certified spas and health resorts. We present four of them here.


Bad Arolsen - active in healing water and nature

In the middle of the Grimmheimat North Hesse, between soft hills and the dense forests of the Waldecker Land, lies the Twistesee. On its shore: the baroque spa town of Bad Arolsen. The town was once the seat of the counts and princes of Waldeck-Pyrmont. Today, nature and cultural enjoyment are combined here with first-class spa and health facilities. First and foremost is the Schön Klinik, which for over 25 years has been Germany's largest specialized facility for the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses. The clinic is located directly on the extensive tree park with its exotic conifers. This is also the location of the Trink- und Wandelhalle with the "Schlossbrunnen" spring, from which the city's healing waters flow.

With a "castle spring" drinking cure you can relieve metabolic disorders or diseases of the digestive system. But you can also bathe in the healing water. The AroFit health center in the Arobella leisure pool offers various active programs to help patients get fit and agile again in the water. For example, there are courses in back and spinal gymnastics or for medical muscle building training. And in health weeks such as "Pro-Active Week," "Get Older Actively," or "Feel Good Week," trained therapists help you get started on a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life.

Also in the fresh air you can move around Bad Arolsen excellently, especially on and around the Twistesee. Sailing, rowing or fishing - what do you fancy? There are also plenty of cycling and hiking trails along the lake shore. And free running meetings for beginners and advanced runners are held regularly. In addition, many Nordic walking routes with different degrees of difficulty and lengths through the surrounding forests start at the dam parking lot of the Twistesee.

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Bad Homburg - Baden royal

To relax after a long day, You too probably take a hot bath sometimes in the evening. But if you want to thoroughly release the stress of everyday life and find lasting new form, you'd better dive off for a few days - and that works especially well in Bad Homburg. The town in the Taunus region is a spa with state-of-the-art spa and rehabilitation facilities, where you can benefit from the town's unique healing waters. It bubbles up not only from numerous springs in the spa park, but also in the whirlpools and water pools of the Taunus Therme and the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bad.

Childbirth has been taking place in Bad Homburg for centuries. In the 19th century, emperors and kings appreciated the charm of the up-and-coming spa town. Noblemen from all over the world had themselves spruced up here. To this day, you can treat numerous medical conditions with traditional treatments in the two spas and three large clinics. Bathing and drinking cures in the healing water containing sodium chloride are said to help with heart and circulatory diseases, rheumatic diseases, stomach, intestinal, liver and gall bladder diseases, metabolic and skin disorders. The clinics and spas also offer modern treatment methods such as exercise therapies or fascia massages. A royal all-round offer!

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Bad Orb - Take a deep breath, please!

The spa town in the Spessart looks back on a long tradition as a state-recognized spa. Bad Orb achieved the status of a spa as early as 1909. A significant contribution to this distinction was made by its brine springs, which used to be used for salt extraction. For this purpose, numerous graduation towers were built in Bad Orb. One of them is still active today, although no longer for salt production. Instead, the moist, salty air is used here to treat respiratory diseases. The extensive, green forests and surrounding hills also provide a particularly low-irritant climate in which allergy and asthma patients can finally breathe deeply again.

By the way, brine is not only suitable for inhalation. You can also wonderfully bathe in it. It stimulates blood circulation, affects the organs and strengthens the heart and circulation. As early as 1837, pharmacist Franz Leopold Koch discovered the healing effects of Bad Orb's brine and opened the first bathing establishment. Today, there is a fine network of rehabilitation facilities, specialized clinics and qualified physicians and therapists here. In addition to respiratory diseases, Bad Orb also treats vascular diseases, which is why there are public Kneipp facilities in the spa park. Why not try it with cold water!

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Bad Wildungen - Health comes from within

In the northwest of Hesse, directly at the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, lies one of the most important German health spa centers: Bad Wildungen with its suburb Reinhardshausen. The 20 or so clinics and rehabilitation facilities are the place to go for spa guests and patients with cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders and diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. For 600 years, people have known how to use the healing waters of the Georg Viktor Spring in Bad Wildungen and the Reinhard Spring in Reinhardshausen to regenerate and find new health. Today, at both springs, there are Wandelhallen where you can drink the beneficial water. A total of 15 healing water springs bubble up around Bad Wildungen and Reinhardshausen. The liquid treasure from the depths of the earth is rich in calcium, magnesium and sodium and therefore particularly indicated for mineral deficiencies, digestive disorders and kidney problems.

A 50 hectare spa park connects the two spas. One of the largest of its kind in all of Europe! Just a walk through the perfectly manicured green meadows with their bright flower beds and crystal clear ponds is a cure for body, mind and soul. Here, even as a day visitor, you can wonderfully switch off from everyday life. Around six kilometers of hiking and walking trails lead through the park, there are specially designated routes for joggers, and from the large viewing platform there is also the most beautiful view of the entire complex. After all, it's all in the eye!

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Cover picture: Classicistic magnificent building in the spa gardens of Bad Homburg - the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad © Sina Ettmer - stock.adobe.com

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Hiking through quiet low mountain ranges, old beech forests or orchards, paddling on the Lahn, looking at the most beautiful medieval half-timbered houses and soaking up the atmosphere of historic spas - Hessen makes romantic souls happy all around. But gourmets also get their money's worth on wine hikes, in Hessian butcher shops and with "Handkäs mit Musik", a pickled cheese. Reasons for a Vacation in Hesse there are enough!

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