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New paths through a familiar land
We are already looking forward to vacation - and lots of discovery tours between the North Sea and the Alps in Germany! With careful steps, Germany is returning to normality and we can finally travel in our own country again. For now, it's still a bit complicated because the rules can vary from county to county. But on the other hand, you can be at your vacation destination in just a few hours! We think that's pretty relaxed and also quite sustainable. Germany is also one of the most diverse, natural and exciting travel destinations in the world. Here are lots of tips and vacation ideas from all 16 German states. Have fun reading, planning and going!

Favorite places in Germany

They still exist, the very special vacation destinations in Germany, where our heart beats stronger. Because they awaken emotions and touch us deeply. Places where we leave our soul. And are sure to return soon.

Dive in. Find silence. Enjoy the peace and relax. Far away from the crowds, the noise, the confusion. We show you idyllic villages, romantic river landscapes, fragrant forests and special places where you can live undisturbed vacation dreams.