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It takes just under an hour's drive from Rostock and you're already in the middle of probably the most charming little village on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula. At first glance, the place may seem inconspicuous and not stand out among all the other resorts on the Baltic Sea. But for us, Ahrenshoop is the epitome of vacation, of picturesque natural scenery and a fantastically beautiful sea. As soon as we arrive, we feel complete serenity, deceleration and a full load of vacation feeling every time.

Written by Bolle and Marco from kommwirmachendaseinfach.de

Bolle and Marco from the travel blog "Komm wir machen das einfach" have been traveling the world together for more than 6 years now. On their blog they report about all their adventures and experiences in different countries and give helpful travel tips and lots of inspiration.


The village, which has a good 650 inhabitants, is located on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula chain at the transition from Fischland to Darß.

The artists' village by the sea

Ahrenshoop is picturesquely situated by the sea and already at the first view from the steep coast you quickly realize why so many artists once settled here. Around 1890, the first artists' settlement was founded in Ahrenshoop and over the years more and more creative people were drawn here. They were inspired by nature and the views and tried to bring the beauty of the moment on canvas. You will feel and understand this magic once you look over the dunes yourself. During a tour of Ahrenshoop, the galleries and museums are sure to catch your eye. Here you can marvel at numerous works of art and even purchase them for your own 4 walls. In addition, many art events still take place, such as painting courses, pottery courses or courses on printing and writing.

A walk through the Baltic seaside resort

Take your time, Let yourself drift and stroll leisurely through the small town of 720 souls. We wouldn't necessarily talk about the top sights, but there are still some really nice spots up here by the sea. Either on foot or with a rental bike, Ahrenshoop can be comfortably explored in half a day. Start your tour at the idyllic harbor in Althagen, where you can take a tour with the traditional Zeesboote on the Saaler Bodden. Now continue towards the town center with a stop at the art museum. This museum houses more than 800 paintings and sculptures by artists who have lived and worked in the area.

One of the most beautiful places in Ahrenshoop is for us the mill, which is somewhat hidden in a side street. Here you can find not only homemade cakes, but also delicious fair trade coffee, bread specialties and tasty soups. In good weather, you can sit outside and enjoy the moment to the fullest. The upper floors of the mill are even rented out as exclusive vacation apartments. The walk leads you to the "Bunten Stube", a store that has served as a cultural meeting place for artists since 1922. Today you can find all kinds of beautiful things there, such as books, artworks, souvenirs, postcards, etc.

A little bit further you will discover the blue house with thatched roof, which is called "Kunstkaten" and serves as a traditional exhibition house. Exhibitions, lectures, readings and concerts are held here throughout the year. Just before Café Namenlos, turn right to the beautiful Schifferkirche, which was inaugurated in 1951. This church was modeled on a boat and is intended to illustrate the proximity to the sea.

The beach of Ahrenshoop

Let now the small artist village behind you and stroll along the wooden paths over the dunes down to the sea. Whether it's summer, fall, winter or spring, a trip to the sea is always a good idea, isn't it? Here in Ahrenshoop, a fine, light sandy beach with beach chairs and a shallow entrance into the water awaits you. So the beach is also perfect for a vacation with the kids. The scenery is like a painting and when the sun is right, even the Baltic Sea sparkles in the most beautiful shades of blue and turquoise.

Fine white sand, lots of peace and even more space - the beach of Ahrenshoop © kommwirmachendaseinfach.de
Fine white sand, lots of peace and even more space - the beach of Ahrenshoop © kommwirmachendaseinfach.de

Picturesque views

One of the most beautiful viewpoints in Ahrenshoop can be found on the way to the high shore on the southern edge of town. The view over the green dunes, the blue sea and the bright beach is simply gigantic and can hardly be described in words. Armed with binoculars, you can even spot the Darß lighthouse in good visibility. Exactly this view makes it even more clear why so many artists once came to Ahrenshoop. Picturesque, enchanting and fascinating! And if you have a little time with you, you can take a hike along the steep coast to Wustrow.

For us there is no more beautiful place in Germany than the wonderful Baltic Sea with the many highlights. Particularly noteworthy is the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst with the most beautiful beaches and the most charming villages. Ahrenshoop is only a small part of it, which will definitely enchant you too.

By train and bus comfortably to Ahrenshoop: Plan arrival.

Beautiful views - view of the sea near Ahrenshoop © kommwirmachendaseinfach.de
Beautiful views - view of the sea near Ahrenshoop © kommwirmachendaseinfach.de

Cover picture: Ahrenshoop - artist's place between Bodden and Baltic Sea © kommwirmachendaseinfach.de

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