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From brainstorming and choosing the right subject to the right presentation, we'll show you what's important when implementing a photo series. In addition, we offer a wide range of suggestions and image ideas as well as numerous photo tips to try out.

The secret of a good series: the images should have a common denominator that is obvious to the viewer at first glance. This can be the same motif or, more broadly, the same theme. 

An example: A picture of a door can be quite nice, but this photo motif is not particularly unusual. But if you combine this one picture with many other door motifs, the result will be a very creative series.

Extend series - piece by piece

A photo series is not created in a hurry. Plan enough time for it. Some series develop over several years. The topic "doors" or "door locks" can be implemented perfectly, especially when traveling. New pictures are added every year.

Simply photograph special doors - from the same perspective and in the same format. The more colorful and different in style the doors are, the more diverse the composition possibilities become. 

A slightly different approach to a photo series is to stage a picture story. We have suggestions and image ideas for you.

Water: A diverse photo motif

Water is an element that we can find not only in very different aggregate states. It can also be photographed in very different ways, as in our cover picture.

Silhouettes against evening sky

The dark outline of a silhouette creates contrast with the bright evening sky

Who could claim never to have succumbed to the orange-red hue of the evening sky - whether as a walker or a photographer? You can add an artistic and creative touch to such motifs by including silhouettes. The good thing is that almost anything can be used as a silhouette motif, whether it's a factory, trees, or people, as you can see from our sample images.

The four seasons

Spring, summer, fall and winter - what better example to show the progression of the seasons than with a series of trees - either photographing the same deciduous tree four times or just four different ones.

The colors of summer

Green or yellow put the viewer in the mood for summer. That is exactly why we have chosen this fresh color combination. A series of this type is suitable, for example, for decoration in the kitchen or dining room. Consider in advance what foods or flowers have these colors. Complementary colors can also be the subject of a color theme series. For example, combine cyan with yellow or magenta or red with green. No matter what color combinations you choose: Food and flowers must always be fresh.

Left: Bring summer into your home. Colors like green or yellow give your photo series a fresh summery touch. Right: Special angles turn the ordinary into interesting photo motifs.

One topic from different perspectives

Why photograph a traffic light or cars standing at traffic lights? It's simple: Even everyday subjects can be creatively implemented as a photo series. Extreme change of perspective: In contrast to the "tree" photo series, you should change your point of view as often as possible for street scenes. For example, photograph a street from a high-rise building. The extreme bird's-eye view from dizzying heights makes for impressive images. Vary focal length: Photograph one scene with a wide angle, another with a long focal length. In the case of lettering and street signs, it is advisable to shoot them relatively full-frame with a telephoto lens if possible.

Vacation trip with Barbie

You can make this Barbie series happen anywhere in the world © Birte Lebender

This series was created during a vacation in the south of France, but of course can also be implemented during a vacation in Germany. The protagonist is a Barbie, which can be bought in any toy store. Dolls with movable limbs can be staged most diversely.