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Now comes the time when nature surprises us with all its splendor and the sun beckons us outside - or in short: the ideal time for photography. Let our tips inspire you.


Blossom in the forest

It all depends on the right perspective - to capture the splendor of flowers in the forest in summer, photograph from close to the ground

When the sun breaks through the treetops and illuminates the flowers on the ground, it's the perfect time for a summer forest shot. Photographed from close to the ground to get everything well in the picture.


Quite a lot of sky

It doesn't always have to be balanced - lots of sky and a low lying horizon will make your landscape shots more interesting

A very low horizon looks exceedingly interesting in both portrait and landscape format. Although the lower part of the image seems underemphasized, it draws the eye. And dramatic clouds are best captured this way.


Summer pleasures very close

Get up close and make joyful faces look really big

The small moments become very big in photos - and if such a picture does not succeed quite spontaneously, no problem: This can also be staged well.


Vacation on the beach

Beach is beach? Then look for unusual perspectives on your next beach vacation

One thing is clear: summertime is vacation time. Whether at the North Sea or Baltic Sea - pack your camera and use the relaxation to find new image ideas and try out unusual perspectives.


Native landscapes

If you walk through the world with open eyes, you will find beautiful motifs everywhere

The beauty of our immediate surroundings is something we see particularly well with the camera. Because in search of motifs, we look quite differently and no longer take for granted the field that we drive past every day. Wait for dramatic clouds and let's go to such a photo spot. Lonely trees always do well in the picture.


Refreshing motifs

Longer exposure time allows flow movements to be captured

Rushing streams, waterfalls and rivers are a welcome change on hot summer days. These motifs are also appealing from a photographic point of view, especially the dynamics of the flowing movement, which you can capture using a long exposure.


Summer meadow in different perspectives

Bright splashes of color, grasses and insects - if you take a close-up look at a summer meadow, you will discover many exciting motifs

Such a summer meadow is a real treasure of photo motifs. Here you can easily spend hours: from below, from above, close up, as a panorama, with bee and without ... Have fun!


Artistic reduction

It doesn't always have to be the whole subject - a tight crop can make images look interesting

The whole outdoor pool? Boring. The whole woman? Doesn't want to be photographed right now, unfortunately. So: Choose a narrow section as pars pro toto, done.


Idyllic lake

Especially when the sun makes the water glow, lakes are great motifs

Standing bodies of water always provide worthwhile motifs in good weather. Try to include an additional motif in addition to the lake panorama - like the rock with tree protruding from the water here.


Warm backlight

How to capture the evening atmosphere with your camera? Dandelions and other transparent subjects look especially beautiful in the orange-red light

Shortly before sunset, when the sun is still just above the horizon, the light turns orange-red. Transparent motifs - for example, people wrapped in white cloths or dandelions - are particularly beautiful in this light.