The varied Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park extends over 2,000 square kilometers. In addition to the numerous hiking trails and bathing waters, cyclists in particular get their money's worth - including the Bett+Bike accommodations tailored to them.

By train to Nonnweiler: Plan arrival

That sounds promising: "Living and being able to live, living and letting live, that is the Saarland way of life." The quote comes from Ludwig Harig, a writer who lived in Sulzbach in the Saarland all his life - so the man knew what he was talking about. Perhaps he was alluding to the culinary offerings that exist along the Saar and in Hunsrück: Producers of regional products have come together in the region under the regional brand "SooNahe." Farms, wine press houses, mills and restaurants work predominantly with products from the region. And also on the occasion of culinary action days as for example the game week Saar-Hunsrück the fine, Saarland way of life is to be felt ... After all, one wants to reward oneself for the hiking and biking tours that one has undertaken in the local nature park - for example on the planetary hiking trail around the Nonnweiler dam. However, bathing is not allowed in this body of water - those who wish to do so could go on the Bostalsee in the middle of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park or to the Primstal open-air natural swimming pool. There, by the way, you can do without chlorine - due to natural conditions, the bath cleans itself.

A tip: If you would like to prepare yourself literarily for your stay in the Saarland, Frank P. Meyer's wonderful novel is recommended. The plot is set in the Primstal valley and the title already reveals with a wink what the valley is all about: "Normally nothing happens there".

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