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What does it look like on the beach in Binz? Is the sun shining? What is the situation in Binz? Is there a lot going on at the sights? Webcams are a great way to gather inspiration for your vacation. And they help you plan excursions during your vacation. Take a look at Binz right now and find out which season is best for a vacation.

What's going on in Binz?

A lot. The Baltic Sea resort on Rügen is considered probably the most exclusive place on the German Baltic Sea island. What that means can be guessed after just a short stroll along the promenade of Binz: The magnificent spa architecture is known far beyond the borders of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. And if the term "spa architecture" conjures up images of open-air swimming pools and garden pools, you're not even close. Spa architecture refers to the typical architectural styles of German seaside resorts, such as Wilhelminian villas, which reflect the affluent lifestyle of their inhabitants. In any case, they are a fine backdrop for long walks along the coastal promenade, past the Kurhaus, for example, which was built as early as 1893 and has shone in new splendor since it was renovated in 2001. Nestled between the Granitz, a wooded area to the south, and the Prorer Wiek to the north, the town borders Schmachter Lake to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east. Binz has only about 5500 inhabitants, but in the high season the seaside resort seems as lively as a maritime humming top. A highlight of the place, which many visitors to Binz remember fondly, is the picturesque, 370-meter-long pier, which juts far into the Baltic Sea and has often been the scene of romantic encounters... The annual pier festival is one of THE tourist fixtures of the year.

Binz in summer

Everybody to the beach! Anyone who has such a golden shimmering asset would do well to take good care of this gem. The beach at Binz stretches for more than five kilometers and is a particularly popular destination on the island. The 74 beach accesses alone ensure that bathers and water sports enthusiasts can reach the water without any problems; all beach sections are accessible exclusively on foot. The special thing about the beach of Binz: on the one hand, its fine-grained sand, on the other hand, the gentle surf of the sea due to the protection of the bay of Prorer Wiek. This is a bonus especially for families with children, who can splash around here without worrying. In addition to the "normal" sections for bathers, the Binz beach landscape also has designated areas for nudists and dog owners who want to treat their four-legged friends to a little walk on the water - so you're always on the safe side in Binz with all your needs. The Baltic resort of Binz, which is the annual destination for many vacationers from Germany and abroad, is a real hotspot for friends of water sports. Sailing, surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding or water skiing - everything is possible. And if you want to feel like a dreamboat captain for an hour, you can always rent one of the sleek pedal boats - or get right on the tried-and-true water banana and enjoy a ride across the Baltic Sea with your friends. 

Binz in winter

Before Father Frost comes, As we all know, autumn prepares people for the coming cool times. Why do we mention this explicitly? Because the autumn in Binz is so particularly beautiful and should be mentioned here urgently: Connoisseurs compare the coastal forest of the Granitz in autumn with the legendary Indian Summer in Canada or that in the American Maine. Well, the fact is that in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, too, the leaves shimmer in all shades of red and gold, inviting you to take long walks in the forests of the Granitz along the high shore. This special sunlight in September and October is warm and clear at the same time - this can only be found at the Baltic Sea! If you have learned to love Binz in summer, you should definitely visit in autumn or winter. Especially in icy winters the island unfolds its own fascination, especially when the icebergs pile up on the coast. You can also store to your heart's content in Binzer Hauptstraße and browse among jewelry, paintings, art photographs, ceramics and handicrafts on the art mile with its galleries, workshops and shops. And one more hint for people who in quiet moments dream of getting behind the wheel of a fancy oldtimer: In the Oldtimer Museum in Prora you can at least get in touch with these wonderful companions from days gone by: The tour through 40 years of divided German automobile history from 1949 to 1989 documents the ingenuity of the constructors who achieved something new despite extreme shortages. Over 80 passenger cars and their special features are typified in the East-West comparison presented, which is unique in Germany. The VIP among these cars is undoubtedly the Volvo 264 TE, the state car of the GDR.

Best time to visit Binz

For all the love of hiking or shopping in autumn and winter - the Baltic resort of Binz is a classic summer destination for the whole family. Accordingly, the best time to travel to the Baltic resort of Binz is from mid-June to September. The sea then attracts with a water temperature of 17 degrees or even a little more - and beach visitors are rewarded with especially much sun during this time. In addition, there is a lot going on in Rügen in the summer: The Störtebeker Festival on the natural stage Ralswiek starts in July and lasts until September, the LebensArt fair for garden, living and lifestyle starts in July, as well as the Summer OpenAir, where Mark Foster, Bosse and Johannes Oerding will perform - that promises wonderful summer nights!

Cover photo: Magnificent spa architecture and miles of beaches in Binz on the island of Rügen © Sina Ettmer - stock.adobe.com

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