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Your favorite music blares from the speakers and a feeling of freedom is in the air. Speeding along winding country roads. Stopping as the mood takes you. Exactly where you like it. A road trip from Wiesbaden to Rüdesheim, true to the motto: The way is the goal.

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The two-day trip kicks off at Domäne Mechtildshausen in Wiesbaden. Agriculture has been practiced here for several hundred years. Already in the times of the Carolingians. Today, the Wiesbaden Youth Workshop is the tenant of the farm and trains socially disadvantaged young people and the long-term unemployed in various professions at the domain. Visitors can expect the freshest country air on the farm - and lots to discover!

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Rhine in view, legs out: let's go! © Sarah Waltinger

That means visiting goats and horses and tickling the palate with organic products in the bakery and cheese dairy. Or how about brunch again? It tastes wonderful at Café Bohne. Afterwards, you can take some of what you just had on your plate with you from the market hall. After all, we came by car. And, let's be honest, doesn't everyone know that sometimes the eyes are bigger than the stomach. Especially when everything is served as delicious as here.

Let's go!

It is not far from the domain to the visitor center of the Rhine-Main Regional Park. The 27-meter-high observation tower is another good reason for a stop. It takes 170 steps to get up there. Once at the top, you have a sweeping view of the entire region. The brave ones stand on the plexiglass! The journey continues west, to the accommodation for this night. The historic Wambacher Mühle in the middle of the Taunus ridge is a real treat for those who love rustic country style and good home cooking. But before it goes over to the cozy part of the day, fabulous forest paths are waiting right behind the house, even a part of the Rheinsteig leads past here. So you'd better go for a quick walk (see map for the hike) and soak up the scent of the forest, so that you can feast afterwards without a guilty conscience. Red cabbage, dumplings & Co. taste twice as good. The second day is all about the romance of the Rhine. The country road, lined with trees, changes to lush green vineyards. For a short time, you seem to touch the Rhine before the road winds up to Vollrads Castle on the right. Here, too, hiking trails lead around the magnificent estate.

Hello little friend! Squirrels feel just as comfortable at Schloss Vollrads as we do. The next stop is the postcard motif par excellence: the Niederwald Monument. The cable car takes us up there.
Hello little friend! Squirrels feel just as comfortable at Schloss Vollrads as we do. The next stop is the postcard motif par excellence: the Niederwald Monument. The cable car takes us up there. © Sarah Waltinger

But actually, just sitting in the courtyard of the winery sipping a glass of non-alcoholic grape sparkling wine and getting a little carried away with so much stately splendor around you is quite enough for the moment. Had enough daydreaming about life as a castle owner? Then the joyride continues, all the way to Rüdesheim. With its narrow cobblestone streets, including the almost legendary Drosselgasse, Rüdesheim is no longer an insider tip. Strolling through the old town, with its many tourists from all over the world and souvenir stores, nevertheless triggers vacation feelings. At the end of the road trip, the cable car takes you to lofty heights up to the Niederwald Monument. There, a thrilling view awaits: of the Rheingau.

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Conclusion & Recommendations - Rhine-Main

"Baby I can drive your car" - and let me show you a piece of the very finest Hesse!
There & away
Throw your weekend luggage in the car and off you go.
Best time
At any time.
Duration & Route
2 days for almost 80 km drive and various stops.
Hiking boots and the road trip soundtrack in your luggage.
When night falls
The Wambacher Mühle near Schlangenbad is a real unique and very cozy.
Under no circumstances should you miss dinner at the in-house restaurant. Be sure to book in advance: www.wambacher-muehle.de

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