Kristin Biebl is a ranger in the Bavarian Forest National Park, the largest forest landscape in Central Europe. And knows the most beautiful peaks and corners there.

The Bavarian Forest National Park is a driving destination nature.

Due to the convenient train journey and the free mobility on site with the Guest Service Environmental Ticket (GUti) you can enjoy your vacation in an environmentally friendly way.

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Kristin Biebl has hit the jackpot with her job: she is a ranger in the Bavarian Forest National Park and is therefore out and about in unspoiled nature day after day. Together with her colleagues, the 27-year-old guides guests and hikers through Germany's oldest national park. She checks, cleans and secures the paths and looks after the animals that live in the Bavarian Forest. But the largest forest landscape in Central Europe is not just forest, it consists of very different worlds and habitats. And each develops its very own fascination. Kristin particularly enjoys climbing mountains like the Lusen or the Großer Rachel with their magnificent views. The 1,373-meter-high Lusen also surprises its conquerors at the summit with a geological feature, a sea of countless granite blocks. Not a single tree obstructs the view there, which can sweep undisturbed over the entire Bavarian Forest and, on fine days, even as far as the Alps. "But I prefer being on the Rachel even more," Kristin admits. "The climb is a bit more strenuous than on the Lusen. That's why not so many people come up. And I enjoy a certain solitude!"

In contrast, there is a completely different, almost a bit eerie atmosphere in the high moors of the national park. "Maybe because you know that people used to be unable to get out of the bog in places," Kristin tells us. "But today, secured boardwalks made of long wooden walkways lead through the swampy nature and you can take wonderful walks there." The ranger particularly enjoys hiking to the shafts in the fall. That's the name of the high pastures located in the middle of the forest. "When the trees turn red and yellow, it's simply uniquely beautiful up here," Kristin enthuses.

Kristin became a ranger because she has always loved the nature of her forest home. And because she wants to sensitize the guests for this nature and for the protection of the environment. That she can do this at the most beautiful workplace in the world - all the better!

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This award obliges: The Bavarian Forest National Park has already received the Destination Nature Award several times for environmentally friendly mobility and sustainable tourism. The reason: The Guest Service Environmental Ticket - GUTi for short - with which you can enjoy free travel on buses and forest trains in 25 communities in the Bavarian Forest. You can get the ticket from your respective hostel, free of charge of course. More info: click here.

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Cover photo: Great light atmosphere: The Bavarian Forest National Park is a wonderful place to relax © by.TM/ Jan Greune

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