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Being gently rocked to sleep by the water, watching the stars in bed, going out into the countryside: In these accommodations you will not only sleep well, you can also gather beautiful experiences there..

Vacation village MANOAH

Vacation Village Shire

Rhön star car


Sickenberg farm


Sustainable with style - the vacation village MANOAH

Nordic coziness awaits guests in the vacation village MANOAH at the Zeulenrodaer Meer. The high-quality vacation homes will be ready in the fall of 2020. But you can already book now. Health and sustainability play an important role here. Thanks to the "Holz100" system, the 21 solid houses are made entirely of sustainably sourced softwood. Metal, chemicals and wood preservatives were completely dispensed with during construction. A stay here is therefore not only relaxing, but also very healthy. The vacation resort is located on the banks of the Zeulenroda dam. All houses have their own terrace with lake view. One can choose from three sizes between 60 and 80 square meters, six of the houses are also barrier-free. A shopping facility in the vacation village has also been thought of: Vending machines offer bread, regional specialties and even barbecue packages. The only thing you have to do is carry your purchases home yourself, as the site is completely car-free.

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Middle Earth in the middle of Germany - Holiday Village Auenland

Round windows, the walls a mixture of plaster and rocks, as a roof a lush meadow - Frodo from "The Lord of the Rings" would be delighted. The small vacation village with the appropriate name Auenland is located in quiet nature, in the middle of the Thuringian Forest.

The 3-star hobbit cottages are located underground, just like in the real Shire. But they are by no means cold or dark. The large windows let plenty of light into the almost 45-square-meter accommodations. Warm light, wood and stone elements create a cozy living atmosphere. And if it does get cold, or if you arrive in the winter, you can also warm the accommodation with a nice fireplace. A maximum of four people can stay in each of the eight earth houses, so it will never be too crowded in the little Shire.

If you are in the mood for more nature, you can easily start hiking tours through the Thuringian Forest from here. The Rennsteig for example, is easy to reach from the village. However, you should be back by the evening. Then in the rustic village restaurant "Bergbaude" proper Thuringian home cooking is served.

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Almost too beautiful to sleep in - the Rhön star carriage

The Rhön is one of the eight best stargazing spots worldwide. So you could stay awake all night here in Bernshausen. But the soft bed in the star caravan of the country hotel "Zur Grünen Kutte" makes that quite difficult. The wooden caravan has been converted into a small but fine apartment. A special feature is the bedroom covered with glass - ideal for stargazing. With about 20 square meters, the caravan offers space for two people, perfect for a romantic weekend. In theory, you only have to leave the caravan to go shopping, it is equipped with a bathroom, a mini kitchen and even a fireplace.

But the delicious breakfast buffet or the Stockborn Ranch are enough reason to go out during the day. The equestrian farm belonging to the country hotel has offers for adults and young people, and even beginners should be able to take rides in nature here after a short time.

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Lake view guaranteed - the Treibhouse in the Thuringian Sea

Going for a swim right after sleeping in the morning, cruising leisurely across the Thuringian Sea during the day (only with a boating license), being gently rocked by the waves into the land of dreams in the evening - all this has been possible on the Bleilochstausee since June 2018. There, about 200 meters from the shore, Carlos and Wolfgang are anchored, the two luxury houseboats of the company Treibhouse. The floating accommodations are about 34 square meters in size, modernly furnished and offer space for four people. This is a wonderful place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy time on the water. Errands and small trips can be made by electric boat, which is provided to the tenants. The boats are rented all year round. A gas heating system and a small fireplace provide warmth and a high coziness factor.

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Country idyll on Sickenberg farm

Here the clocks tick slower - Hof Sickenberg is picturesquely situated in the middle of the Werra Valley, directly on the former inner-German border. In the 200-year-old four-sided farm, Kristina Bauer has created a retreat far away from city noise and hustle and bustle. The listed farmstead was renovated over a period of four years. In the process, Kristina Bauer also set up a cozy farm café and four rustic guest rooms. The design of the rooms is inspired by their original use. The Yellow Room, for example, used to be the farm's fruit floor, where grain was stored.

Also for the physical well-being is provided. In the traditional bakehouse with clay oven, the own bread is baked, from the farm kitchen it smells every day of cake. Most of the food served here comes from the farm's own garden, which could hardly be fresher.

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Cover photo: Unforgettable nights - the luxury houseboats of Treibhouse are located in the middle of the lake © bwpictures