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You can't know every place worth seeing in North Rhine-Westphalia. That's why you have us: Five photo spots for special snapshots.


The Kühhude at the Rothaarsteig

Game reserve in the Neander Valley




Holstein staircase in Wuppertal

What is it?

A flight of steps built in 1900 in the Elberfeld district of Wuppertal.

What is so special?

Well the colors. Climbing the 112 stairs is still a struggle. But the mood rises steadily, because the stairs were brightly painted with nine different colors in 2006 as part of an art project by Horst Gläsker. The colors are intended to symbolize the nine stages of life.

Seems like...

... the successful attempt to ease the efforts of a dull stair climb with cheerful colors.

While you're there...

... you should definitely stop by the nearby Von der Heydt Museum: French painting of the 19th century, partly ennobled by the Nazis as "degenerate art".

And this is how you get to the Holsteiner Treppe by bus and train: Plan arrival.


Kühhude suspension bridge on the Rothaarsteig trail

Floating high above the abyss - suspension bridge as part of a forest sculpture trail © Tourismus NRW e.V.

What is it?

A wooden suspension bridge over a very beautiful hiking trail in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district.

What is so special?

The 40-meter-long bridge - which hovers 12 meters above the abyss - not only hangs harmlessly in the pretty forest landscape, but also swings around quite a bit when unsuspecting hikers walk on it. Not every well-behaved walker enjoys this. But a certain thrill is guaranteed.

Seems like...

... a poetic staircase straight into the woodland worlds of "Games of Thrones," where wild wanderers, John Snow, and more adventures await.

While you're there...

... it is worth at least a small stage on the picturesque WaldSkulpturenweg between Bad Berleburg and the Schmallenberg town hall - the suspension bridge is on the way.

You can find more information about the Rothaarsteig here: On the roof of Westphalia - the Rothaarsteig in the Rothaar Mountains

And this is how you get to Bad Berleburg by train: Plan arrival.


Ice Age Game Preserve in the Neander Valley

Perhaps you would like to sponsor one? Aurochs in the game reserve © Tourismus NRW e.V.

What is it?

A game preserve in a nature reserve between Erkrath and Mettmann.

What is so special?

The idyllic enclosure not only hides bison, tarpans and aurochs, no - it is also a popular recreational area with a hiking trail that takes between 60 to 90 minutes around the enclosure, depending on your pace.

Seems like...

... gorgeous wide open spaces in Canadian forests, the perfect place to wish: "Let's find some beautiful place to get lost."

While you're there...

... you could easily take over a sponsorship for the game reserve (60 euros per year) and give your name to a "young animal" there. So not yours - the one you choose...

And this is how you get to the game reserve in Neandertal by bus and train: Plan arrival.


Wehrhahn Line Düsseldorf

From now on it's uphill - remarkable subway station © Quadratauge

What is it?

An underground trunk line of the Düsseldorf light rail system.

What is so special?

The line, which only opened in 2016, functions as a total art attraction; the New York Times wrote: "Art and magic in the German subway". The six subway stations each have their own individual character, equipped with picturesque, sonic and sculptural elements.

Seems like...

... Metropolis designed by Luc Besson in collaboration with "Batman" maker Tim Burton. Or more simply: WOW!

While you're there...

... definitely drive the whole route. Takes longer, but worth it. Rarely has the road been more of a destination than here.

You can find more information about Düsseldorf here: Where you drink Alt

And here begins the train ride with the Wehrhahn line: Plan arrival.


Biggeblick in Sauerland

What is it?

A viewing platform of the city of Attendorn above the Biggesee.

What is so special?

The spectacular view at a height of 90 meters: It sweeps over Lake Bigge with the Gilberg Island and the ruins of Waldenburg Castle.

Seems like...

... one of the famous "Rooftops" in Bangkok at night. This is due to the smart LED lights on the platform, which create a very special "blue hour" atmosphere.

While you're there...

... if you're so inclined, you could drop by Felix Weber's Hofstube Deimann in Schmallenberg. The young man (30) is considered the best chef in the Sauerland and already has a Guide Michelin star.

And this is how you get to Attendorn by bus and train: Plan arrival.

Cover photo: The viewing platform of Attendorn offers a top view over the Biggesee © Sauerland-Tourismus e.V./Johannes Ginsberg

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