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Jungle Life Camp, treetop trail or wildcat children's forest - in the Hainich National Park in Thuringia, the best conditions are created for people to get to grips with the idea of a national park: To simply let nature be nature.

The Hainich National Park is a driving destination nature.

Thanks to the convenient train journey and the well-connected public transport system, you can enjoy your vacation in an environmentally friendly way.

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Cat content, which many people know from the Internet, is not meant here: In the Wild cat village Hütscheroda are rather shy wild cats at home, which still live in harmony with nature and are on their own. If you are lucky, you can see them from the viewing platform Hainichblick from well observed. In the Hainich National Park, the wildcat is a symbol of habitat connectivity for many endangered animal and plant species.

And also for children, the national park creates the opportunity to prepare for such a sensitive topic at an early age and in a playful way: At Wildcat Children's Forest they sit on a woodpecker swing, crawl through a squirrel maze and have to board a sandbox "guarded" by snakes.

The highlight of the Hainich National Park - incidentally the only national park in Thuringia and also a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site - is the treetop trail: where you can climb to the roof of the "primeval forest", so to speak. The treetop path is operated by the city of Bad Langensalza and is 540 meters long. Its goal: to give people the opportunity to walk through the foliage of stately deciduous trees and explore the secrets of the tree giants.

Mobile on site - even without a car with environment or world heritage ticket

You have the choice: With the environmental ticket you have the chance to take a bus from Eisenach or Bad Langensalza to Thiemsburg at a reduced price, visit the treetop path and the adventure worlds. Another option: With the World Heritage ticket, guests are allowed to visit Wartburg Castle, the wild cat village of Hütscheroda and the treetop trail for two days at no extra charge. Tip: There are bike rentals at all of these destinations. More info: click here.

By the way, you can find tips on how to travel comfortably and inexpensively on long-distance and local trains with Deutsche Bahn here.

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